Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

Even with mandatory homeowner insurance as a prerequisite for the bank house loan, not everyone purchases householder insurance. Even more shocking, most insured will not have fire or homeowner’s coverage after paying off the mortgage. What else can be said about a householder’s insurance?

Why does the owner not purchase the householder’s insurance? Is it the fault of the intermediary or the property owner? Let us investigate.

Most agents were surprised to learn that the owner had a bank-backed mortgage. The agent depresses the handbrake. Why not cross-sell a household product to the insured in addition to car insurance?

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

One day, a corporate client called, “Mr. Jamin, would you please come over to my house to discuss the householder policy?” I was initially hesitant to confirm the yes answer. He called me a few times after that. Compensation for the death of a householder policy insured 1

I agreed. I agreed. “Mr. Robert, let us meet this Saturday evening at your house.” After much deliberation, I decided on his factory-insured Marine open cover with a yearly sum of more than US$ 80 million-plus or minus 5. He also insured for ten factory policies, including fire, business interruption due to machinery failure, consequential loss, money in transit and on-premises, public liability, product liability, group personal accident, employer benefit, burglary, and fidelity guarantee.

When I arrived, the maid welcomed me into their mansion, which featured an outdoor Olympic-size swimming pool.

“Mr Jamin, please take a seat; my boss called her an hour ago to inform her that the flight from a nearby capital had been delayed by 30 minutes.” “Would you like a coffee or tea, sir?” “If you’re bored, I ask three gardeners to accompany you around to see the flowers and our organic vegetable plot,” she continued. Please accept my invitation to your home. ”

The insured arrived 15 minutes after 6 p.m.

The couple apologized profusely for being 30 minutes late.

“An unexpected crisis has arisen at the factory.” We settled right away, but it was too late to catch the last flight home last night. Due to the weekend, all morning seats are fully booked.”

The insured believed the previous agent lacked in-depth knowledge of insurance matters. The agent had summed up the entire content of two million dollars in a single sentence.

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

Can we claim death from householder's insurance?
Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?


Determine the householder’s insurance coverage.

Let us start with three main halls, two dining rooms, 12 bedrooms, a wine chiller room, and a bar counter with a display showcase of various brandies. One pet-lover maid is caring for 12 guards and four small furry dogs in a kitchen and a custom-made pet kennel. She bathes them every day and brushes their teeth with dog toothpaste.

The crystal light is a favourite of the insured’s wife. She travelled to Austria to find three Swarovski crystal lights. The three chandeliers are elegantly displayed in the three main halls. US$300,000.00 in value. It is not part of the fixed fitting because the crystal is easily stolen or removed. Three pure Italian leather, cool, comfortable sofa sets are worth US$150,000.00.

Can we claim death from householder's insurance?
Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?


Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

The two teak wood antique dining tables with ten seats are valued at $100,000.00. Two massive wall mirrors decorated with seashells by one of Indonesia’s most renowned artisans, valued at $25,000.00.

The French wine in the chiller room is worth $50,000.00. The owner enjoys wine and frequently drinks it with his four children on special occasions and during the holiday season.

He frequently entertained a close relative and a friend at the bar counter. The neatly arranged display is set row by row with antique brandy. A few bottles with more than a 100-year lifespan, valued at USD 100,000.00. A complete customized set of Italy coffee makers valued at US$30 000.00, from grinding to the fresh aromatic coffee bean to the flow of a cup of self-made Italian cuppa.

A pet kennel was explicitly created for the 12 dogs, as dogs help reduce working stress for a jet traveller like him. A monthly visit by a seasoned veterinarian ensures the dogs’ health and well-being. Two guard dogs are insured for $5000.00, and the small toy dogs are valued at $10,000.00. The customized made-to-order kernel, worth $25,000, installed for air conditioning units.

Can we claim death from householder's insurance?
Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

The owner’s main and four children’s bedrooms are made of Myanmar teak wood, valued at $100,000.00. Each of the seven visitors’ bedrooms is worth US$10,000.00.

One of the sons used to be a professional photographer for National Geographic. He treated his camera set as if it were his own life and enjoyed the landscape and microphotography while working as a wedding planner. He had left his mark on all seven continents. His Canon camera set and accessories were insured for US$100,000 with an all-risk with theft by deception extension clause.

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

The kitchen cabinet, cutlery, cooking utensils, and electrical appliances are insured for $100,000.00.

As a businessman, he frequently takes his wife and two daughters to vital functions. Lady often dresses to kill, and they are no exception. Their necklace and diamond ring are insured for $300,000.00.

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

A Rolex watch is an everlasting asset that grows in value over time. The filthy rich like to keep it as an investment, and Mr Robert is no exception. Every year, the entire family takes a winter holiday to the Swiss Alps for ice skating. Bit by bit, the collection of watches valued at $300,000.00 grew.

The wall painting, laptop, TV, CCTV, karaoke, sound system, and mobile phone are insured for only US$35 000.00. I added a comprehensive theft policy for the insured. The procedure was issued in the couple’s joint name, naming the couple as the insured.

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

Early Bird

I received a phone call on a beautiful Sunday morning after our family breakfast at a local café. According to the panicked maid, two robbers had burgled the family. The injured couple was hospitalized. I dashed over to meet them.

I was overwhelmed by the sight of all the children and suggested that the elder son file a police report. The coma wife was still in the intensive care unit. Mr Robert told me about the incident just before his youngest daughter arrived home at 3 a.m.


Except for the two guard dogs, I heard the dogs barking furiously—the silent alarm, with servant quarters located far away. The dog barking awakened the couple.

Two young men in helmets dashed into the main hall, carrying two chisels.

They yelled at them, “Money!”

“Take whatever you want because we don’t have much money at home.” This statement may have enraged one of the robbers. He used his bare hand to protect himself after swiftly slaying the man. The terrified wife began to scream for help.

“Hel…….p, Hel………P,” she yelled. Her stomach erupted with new blood. The robber had stabbed her abdomen. When they saw the children, they rushed out to save their parents. The robber fled empty-handed.

The robbers poisoned the guard dogs and imprisoned seven servants in their quarter.


Mrs Robert died after ten days in the intensive care unit due to infection. She had diabetes. How much is the insurer obligated to pay for her death? Does the insurer cover the couple’s medical expenses?

Can we claim death from householder's insurance?
Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?
Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

What is the most crucial factor to consider?

Robbers forced their way into your home and made a visible entrance.

The insurer pays for the death if a person dies within 90 days due to theft or fire.

If more than one person is involved.

This benefit is not available to the corporation unless someone is nominated to sign the proposal form.

The liability for this benefit is one-half of the contents sum insured, whichever is less, of which is applied the lesser amount.

Can we claim death from the householder’s insurance?
Can we claim death from householder's insurance?
Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

Claim for Death Compensation

Dear reader, let us ponder how much the death compensation in this case is. Learning together is enjoyable. I would greatly appreciate your feedback in the comment section below. Don’t worry; your email address will not be displayed in the comment section.

Response to Compensation for Death Benefits

What is the total amount of this claim? There are only two options. The full policy wording on the Death claim is as follows.

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

What is included?

You are covered for fatal injury (death) in the private dwelling house due to external or visible violence caused by thugs or fire if the death occurs within three (3) calendar months of the injury.

We will be liable for a prorated portion of the compensation if there is more than one (1) named insured.

You must nominate a person or persons for a corporation and register their name(s) with us.

This benefit’s liability limit is the sum specified on the schedule or one-half of the total sum insured on contents, whichever is less.

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