How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

People now fly more frequently than they did in the past because there is a more excellent knowledge of the benefits of travel after the post-Covid-19 pandemic. Will My Travel Insurance cover Earthquakes? The insured party questioned the agent rather frequently. How do I make a claim?


Earthquake ZoneHow to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

Zone Prone to Earthquakes

Before purchasing earthquake travel insurance, the insured person should thoroughly understand the coverage and benefits provided by their policy. In addition to benefits for emergency medical care and evacuation, many policies also include round-the-clock access to emergency assistance.

How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

If there are travel warnings, the insured chooses to disregard them and continue with their original trip plans regardless of the circumstances. The insurer can contest the liability.

Is It Dangerous To Travel To Locations That Frequently Experience Earthquakes?

Only a few significant earthquakes are recorded each year on average. During the span of your quick day trip, it isn’t very certain to occur. Because of the advancements in technology that have been made in recent decades, it is also possible to more accurately forecast when and where an earthquake will take place.

How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

Suppose you knowingly put yourself in danger by traveling to a country or region despite the cautions issued by the government regarding travel there. In that case, this is known as “travelling against warnings.” You are your own insurance company. There is no protection for you for anything connected to travel alerts. For example, if you went to Turkey against the government’s advice not to, you would be breaking the law. There is no hiding place for you here.

How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

Events are known once they have been reported in the mainstream media (i.e., significant tremors have begun, a snow storm is a forecast, or a volcano has erupted). You are ineligible to purchase a cover at this time. Insurers will specify cut-off dates. For example, travelers affected by the M 6.4 – Off the coast of Aisen, Chile before  7th July 2022, could file a claim with their insurer. After the 7th of July 2022, you could not obtain any coverage of the earthquake that occurred in Nepal.

Insufficiency of protection: It is essential to remember that basic insurance, sometimes known as medical-only policies, would cover any medical claims relating to earthquakes, but they would not cover travel delays, lost luggage, or trip cancellations as a result of earthquakes.

Claim for any reason: If your pre-existing travel plans were not directly affected by the earthquake, or if you only made a change concerning your trip, there would be no cover for your claim.

Coverage for accommodations allows you to submit a claim if earthquake damage renders the hotel unusable. You are not entitled to a hotel claim on par with your standard. As an illustration, you are provided with a hotel with four stars rather than a hotel with five stars.

When You Have Adequate Protection

Although the earthquake was not a recognized risk when you purchased your policy, you are eligible to claim for it.

Cancellation (while you are still at your destination): If you are compelled to cancel the trip before you leave, you can receive the benefits.

How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

 In addition, a full refund by the insurer if purchased the policy before cancelled.

Cancellation (while already abroad): If you are inside the earthquake zone, you may be eligible to get reimbursement for the expense of transportation from an uninhabitable hotel to new accommodation.

In the event of a flight cancellation, you have the right to seek compensation for any additional flying expenses.

The insurance policy covers expenses for medical care if you sustain an injury. Earthquake is the immediate cause of the problem.

If there is no availability of local care, you must evacuate to the nearest medical hospital. The insurer will pay for all the costs, including repatriation if you pass away during the evacuation.

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