Personal Accident Insurance Self-employed

Personal Accident Insurance Self-employed


Is it an essential to have personal accident insurance for self-employed.? It is Absolute Yes.

Own Boss

If you are self-employed or running your own business you will be only too aware No work No income. A significant impact to yourself and yours loved in the family while you have prolonged injuries. You are left high and dry without any sources of income to feed you and family members.  Isn’t it a tragedy?

Personal Accident Policy

The personal accident policy gives you a regular income should your absence from work due to an accident. AXA policy has a range of attractive benefits. It operatives 24 hours a day covering accidents that happen at home and at work. The policy pays for up to 104 weeks for the weekly benefit. It covers up to 75% weekly gross income.

 It is good to be you own boss by having a personal accident policy. It is an income replacement should an accident occur. The policy covers 24 hours a day at work and at home, activities like hobbies or sports. Covers all classes of occupations except hazardous.  It is a  worldwide cover including terrorism. The policies can vary considerably, and with restrictions sometimes apply.  Get an independent expert advice.

Accidental Death

If the insured die instantly in an accident, the next of kin of the insured shall receive the full sum insured. However, full payment will pay out if the insured die within 15 days after the accident, There is No payment if death occurs after 15 days of the accident,   Illness or sickness may be the main cause,  not the accident.


The insured may not able to perform the normal duty, either partially or wholly. Again, the claim is paid to insured who cannot work more than 6 months. If the policyholder is physically disabled, either partially or wholly, no claim is payable if the insured is able to work.


The policyholder loses both upper or lower limbs or eyes. He or she is entitled to claim under Accidental Dismemberment. There are certain norms for the payment of the sum insured. For example, if insured loses one hand or one leg, he or she would receive 50% of the sum insured. However, if both hands or one leg are severed, it is a full payment.

Hospitalization Expenses 

The insurer pays all hospitalization expenses due to an accident. Also, there is a daily cash allowance for the duration of hospitalization.

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Is it important to have Travel Insurance?

Is it important to have Travel Insurance?

Today, it is a borderless world. People often using flight to travel for holiday or business trip.  Many travelers asked, ” Is it important to have travel insurance?” Travel insurance will ensure that you get proper medical care, all of your bills are taken care of and if you really need it then you’ll probably get a repatriate back your home country as part of the package.

Travel insurance not only covers accident but your expenses, flight delays, medical, transportation, lost of personal effect and even pickpockets.  Please check your policy details as the cover can vary between insurers and there might be cases where you need to report things such as theft to the police before you can make a claim.

What types of travel insurance are available?

The travel insurance policies depending on the type of trip you’re taking, your destination and duration, your age, hazard activities. The question is “How much travel insurance do I need?”

Types of Travel Insurance

a single person:  for a single person.

a family policy: for the whole family traveling together for that trip.

a group policy:  if a few of you are traveling together.

a single trip: for a single trip only.

annual policy:   if you travel a lot, then consider an annual policy that covers you for a number of different trips throughout the year. It saves a lot of money in the long run.

Certain sports, like skiing, can be covered provide the insurer agreed with an additional premium.Then you can just enjoy your holiday, without any worry.

What does travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance goes well beyond the simple medical cover, Travel insurance covers you if your holiday is cancelled altogether, you have to be brought back home early for any reason, delays due to the airline (in which case the airline may give you compensation too), loss while you’re away and most policies provide round the clock assistance too.

These 5 matters are just the basics. Travel to high-risk countries like the nations are in civil war or war-torn e.g Syria and Iraq. You would not get any coverage for visiting such nation.  You are traveling at your own risk. It is best to follow the  Foreign Office advises against travel to certain countries.

A cancellation can happen to anyone. Heavy snow- fall on the runway to torrential rain, staff strikes. The volcanic ash clouds the sky have caused people to lose their holidays or stranded at the airport. Your airline may compensate you if your flight is canceled but there is extra cover available through travel insurance to give you that additional peace of mind.

You could find yourself stranded at the airport in a foreign land due to whatsoever reason. The airline sometimes covers the local accommodation,  but there are not guarantees. In this situation, it is better to have a robust travel policy.

Cancellation doesn’t just cover flight cancellation, you are often covered if you or a family member fall ill before the departure and you can’t travel for medical reasons. Providing you weren’t aware of illness in the family when you took out a travel insurance policy. A sudden death in the family.  You could even claim a full amount of the holiday. With the claim money, you can plan the future vocation.

An emergency evacuation and repatriation from any part of the world.  It can cost tens of thousands of dollars, without even starting on emergency medical treatment at a hospital.

Protect your possessions too

Astray baggage,  lose the passport, credit cards, handphone, and other travel documents. The insurer provides 24-hour assistance on hand. It is a nightmare to deal by yourself. It is worth to have travel insurance give you a peace of mind

Is travel insurance a legal requirement?

No, It is not a compulsory to have travel insurance. Some tour operators will insist you have a policy in place before they confirm your travel, especially to countries like the US.  There is no public health service like our NHS.  You and loved one is properly covered on a trip overseas. Accidents can happen anywhere., anytime. It is very difficult to deal with on holiday in a foreign country. You simply cannot leave it to chance when the costs could be so high.

Of course, you might have completed cover in one of your many complimentary packages such as your life insurance, your credit cards or bank account. It better to play safe than sorry check them carefully before you go overseas. If you need to get extra cover then start a travel insurance quote and compare the best cover and prices for you on the market right now, see how much you can save!

Meet Jamin

Meet Jamin

Born in a beautiful valley undulating Kluang town in the heart of Johor. There is 400 plus coffee shop with a population 300K+. People enjoying afternoon coffee drinking which was inherited by the British planters.

People drink coffee to awake the whole night either to burn the midnight oil for student or some unfinished task. But I don’t enjoy coffee.

Coffee a sleeping pill?

But I don’t enjoy coffee. Why? If I suffer insomnia, I would  drink coffee retired to bed and sleeping like a log till the next morning. Coffee is a sleeping pill to me.  It sounds weird to many including my family members and my best buddies in the campus.

I sip black tea to stay awake the whole night. Burning midnight oil prior to the examination never exists in my dictionary.

” Hi, buddy , did you see Jamin around? one of my buddies  asked another hotel inmate.

“Why?” my friend asked him.

” I need his help to solve the General Average calculation.”

” He has gone for movie show just now” he gave my friend a bewildered look.

Peculiar Way

Prior a day before the examination, I hardly do any revision.  It is a way to reward myself  for a 3 months preparation. Also, movie helps me to relax  my mind. Stree and tension will lower your score in the examination. This is my belief.

MY Journey

Joining the shipping department of one of the conglomerate group

of the company under Robert Kuok.  In order to excel in my work, I pursued the Chartered Institute of Transport (UK) majoring in shipping via self-study. This gave an opportunity for me to have a high tea with HRH Princess Anne when she officially declared open the 1st MRT of Singapore in Nov 1987. HRH gracefully shook hand with all the top experts of the shipping industry from Singapore and Malaysia, of course including me too.

Seeing the sunrise and never see the sunset in the evening after 10 years.  I left the industry and started my own logistics company.

4 years down the road, my business getting more stable. One

day, one of my secondary senior asked  me to join Malaysia British Assurance Bhd.  It later merged with Allianz General Insurance Company(Malaysia) Bhd to open the marine market for this establishment in 1994.

Acquired more knowledge in the general insurance.  I enrolled for the AAII, MII  and, ACII one after another associate examination by self-study.

Passed with flying color even though I still ran my logistics company in the morning. It was  my term and conditions before being an employee of the insurer.

Boss in the morning, Corporate Marketing personnel in the afternoon and self-study student in the night. I took 3.5 years to clear the 19 subjects instead of 4. Isn’t it a surprise ?

Only attend the 6 days study conducting by  MII on Marine Insurance and Marine Hull one month before the final day.  The secret weapon of mine uses the subconscious mind to study while you are sleeping.

I received a gold medal from our ex-central bank of Malaysia governor Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz for scoring Distinction in the ACII final paper Marine Underwriting and Claim. The only recipient for the graduation ceremony held in  PutraWorl Trade Centre at Kuala Lumpur.

The Central Bank of Malaysia gave a Marine Adjuster Licenced a year later.

Successful Claim on gray area
  • A UK life insurer paid the full amount RM32,000. and
  • RM2,700.oo interest incurred for the delay the settlement.  The insured canceled the life policy after 1.5 years.
  • A composite insurer settled the full amount RM75,000.00 on cash- less medical policy. It denied the claim due the insured taking the  slimming pill from a general practitioner. It is an exclusion clause in the policy.
  • The insured had 2 separated policies  from the same insurer covering both identical products and incident.  A daylight hijacking.  The Motorolla handphone microchip consignment worthed RM900,000.00 was hijacked in 10 minutes while the box van parked at the Plus highway resting area.  The insured willing to pay RM250,000.00 for settlement, but refused to pay another RM500,000.00 policy. Finally, both policies responded.
Coaching and Seminar

A facilitator for Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) for cargo insurance for shipper students. How to avoid subrogation clause to Pan-Malaysia Lorry Owner Association (PMLOA)?

I like to challenge the insurers on gray area on the claim matter. Keep learning and improving myself by sharing knowledge and coaching others examination candidates. It is my way of contributed back to the society.

How to buy car insurance online Malaysia Free Premium Calculator


How to buy car insurance online Malaysia free premium calculator.

Types of Car Insurance Cover in Malaysia

Cover Third Party Cover Third Party, Fire & Theft Cover Comprehensive Cover
Liabilities to the third party for:

  • Injury
  • Death
  • Property Loss / Damage
Loss/damage to own vehicle due to accidental fire/theft
Loss/damage to own vehicle due to accident
Liabilities to driver & passengers of own vehicle (passengers, bodily injury, death)


It is compulsory by law to buy a car insurance before your car can renew the yearly road tax. 3 types of car policies for the selection namely Third Party, Third Party with Fire & Theft and Comprehensive coverage. Their differentiate as follows-

The Third Party is the cheapest. It protects only third party car damage, driver and its passenger body injury and death due to the collision.

The cheaper third party fire and theft cover your car accidental caught fire or stolen and any other third party claim.

Comprehensive insurance is the darling of any insurer gives you the best coverage among all three. It is the All Risk cover.  Its covers third party liabilities claim besides your own car either damage, fire or stolen. Body injury, death to you and your passenger are too covered provided that you also purchase driver and passenger insurance.

Bank Negara Malaysia and the General  Insurance Association of Malaysia determine the premium rate and are subject to review on a yearly basis.

With an additional premium, to cover your car’s windscreen, expensive audio equipment, damage caused by civil unrest and others.

Three main factors affecting the basic premium.

Location. East Malaysia basic rate is cheaper than West Malaysia due to the “Quality” of the road condition.

Sum Insured.  It can be an agreed value or market value. An agreed value: if your car is a total loss and your agreed value sum insured was RM100,000.  The insurer pays you the full amount RM100,000.00, no question asks. Market Value sum insured, there is a deduction when claim incurs after your new car is used on the road even for a single day. Another penalty clause applies if the car is under-insured.

Let say you are insured RM75,000.00 instead of RM100,000.00.  Claim RM50,000.  You get RM50,000 x 75/100 = RM37,00.00 instead of the Rm50,000.00. The difference of Rm12,500.00 being a penalty to you for under-insured your own car. It is unwise to save a tree when you lost a jungle.

Cubic Capacity:   your car engine size.

No-Claim Discount

No-Claim Discount if the driver has not claimed from their policy for previous years. Start from 25% to 55%.


Loading. that will increase the premium needed for insurance. These are factors have directly or indirectly contributed especially the third party claim the high loss ratio for the car insurance portfolio of an insurer. Loading is the discretion of the insurer. It can waiver for less claim of the insured or insured has a non-motor policy with them.

Age of Driver: Drivers aged above 18 but at less than 26 and above 69.

Age of Car: Cars above the age of 10.

Claims Experience: Frequency of claims made and quantum of the amount claim.

Reconditioned or Second Hand Vehicles:  Adjusters will evaluate the condition of reconditioned or used cars.

High-Performance or Sports Vehicles: High performance or sports vehicles will incur additional Loading.

High-Risk Theft Vehicle: (HRTV)Cars listed in the HRTV list will incur additional Loading.

Optional coverage for  comprehensive coverage

Windscreen:  this cover for the windscreen for repairs or replacement without affecting your No-Claim Discount.

Audio and Accessories: cover when your car accessories are damaged. the insurer pays for repairs or replacement without affecting your No-Claim Discount.

Special Perils: In the event, if your car is damaged by acts of nature such as Floods, Landslides, earthquakes, strike, riot and civil commotion plus and tsunami.

The number of Authorized Drivers:  You have to Additional premium for increased number of drivers on the policy. Named driver two persons are free. The third driver pays additional of RM10.00, and the same rate applies for the next subsequent.   Never accept All Rider policy.  It is a penalty of RM400.00 for any accident claim regardless the quantum of the claim amount. Your ignorance spent is the insurer’s save.

Number of Seats: Charged additional premium if the car is more than 5 seats.

Gas Conversion Kit and Tank: This is to cover for Natural Gas Vehicle kit and tanks.

Legal Liabilities to Passengers: your passenger sues you for negligence.

Legal Liabilities of Passengers: It covers legal liabilities of your passengers for negligence.

Compensation for Assessed Repair: It compensates for yours the time lost while the car is in the workshop.  Range from RM50 to Rm100 per day.   The insurer will need to approve a higher amount.

Please above click the link for the free premium calculator.

All the car insurances are uUnderwritten by AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad.  Agent code: Mj32211.

All payment can be made use internet banking or interbank transfer to Axa Affin General Insurance Bhd MBB account no 5141 0520 6919 or pay by PayPal.  Please quote our agent code Mj32211 or contact us at +60 013 7839857 for any inquiries.

Renew Road Tax Online, Avoid Traffic Jam, Parking & Queue

Renew Road Tax Online, Avoid Traffic Jam, Parking & Queue

Nowadays, it is a fin tech world, a click to renew road tax online, avoid the traffic jam, queue, and parking.

With the implementation of Myeg is the Malaysia e-government services provider, allowing us allows us to transact with various government agencies online. It is a fast and easy process for Renew road tax online and auto Insurance renewal.

Why use Myeg?

Delivery road tax disc your doorstep, without leaving home, convenient and hassle free. A service- provider creates time-saving, cost-effective and accessible at any time. Not only allow a user to pay other government related services online, also enjoy 30 % on their road tax. Renewal process no registration card requirement provided you have a valid car insurance policy in force.

Who can use this service?

Driver with a Malaysian registered vehicle with JPJ can use MyEG to renew their road tax, no registration of an account. Just log on to and fill in the fill in the J PJ Online Road Tax renewal e-form.

Easy step to renew road tax with MyEG


Please log on to and fill in the JPJ Online Road Tax renewal e-form.  Next, go to


Fill up the JPJ Online Road Tax renewal e-form.


After finishing the insurance details requirement, click proceeds.  MyEG system will verify your data through the JPJ system.


Make payments via

  • Credit or debit card – Visa or Master
  • FPX – Deduction from your bank account through FPX
  • Online Banking – Direct deduction from your Bank account (M2U and HLB)


The issue of E-Services receipt via email for a Successful transaction.

How do I receive my road tax after payment?

  • Delivery to your doorstep with charges levied as follows:
  • Klang Valley: RM6.00 (2 working days).
  • Peninsular Malaysia: RM8.00 (with 2-3 working days).
  • Sabah & Sarawak: RM10.00 (within 5 working days).
  • Express delivery (within Klang Valley): RM20 (within 6 hours) *T&C apply.
  • You have the Biometrics thumbprint for ALL DELIVERIES by MyEG Services Logistics Officers to verify and record the details of the receiver.
  • Faulty or unreadable identity card, the Logistics Officers will take a snapshot of the identity card to ensure that there is no dispute from the receiver.
  • Identity card uses for verification purpose.

Frequently Asked Question on MyEG Services

Do I need to print my Registration Card?

With MyEG, no need to print registration card, unless a claim, you can call us at 03-7801 8888, for an assistant to print the registration card. Otherwise, you may just continue to renew online again the following year.

Is it safe to renew my road tax online?

Yes, it is safe and secure, audited, verified and approved by Land Transport Department.  The Malaysian Government has given the mandate to MyEG Services to provide the online renewal services.

Can I renew my road tax if I have outstanding traffic summonses?

During the renewal process, Land Transport Department (JPJ) online service check any outstanding summons and blacklist records at both JPJ and PDRM’s database systems. To proceed with this renewal, ensure no outstanding traffic compound.

How do I make a claim damage?

AXA Affin General Insurance Berhad
Claims Hotline: Contact Number

(+603) 2170 8282 (Press 2 for Claims)

MYEG Customer Service

You may call the following numbers from Monday-Friday between 9.00am to 6.00pm.  Please call the Customer Service– 03-7801 8888 (Road Tax and Insurance Renewals).

Now Get your car road tax renewal online. Please visit

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Renew Road Tax Online, Avoid Traffic Jam, Parking & Queue 3