Insurance rip-off by insured and insurance agent

Insurance rip-off by insured and insurance agent


Auto, home, and life insurance fraud are possible. Life insurance fraud occurs when policyholders defraud the insurer for personal gain. Life insurance fraud includes false information to acquire coverage and reduce rates, tampering with another person’s policy, or faking death to collect benefits. An insurance agent can commit fraud by misusing policy funds or selling a fraudulent policy with no coverage.

Life insurance fraud might result in your insurance provider canceling your coverage. In egregious circumstances, offenders may be fined heavily or even sent to prison.

Life insurance scam.

Insurance rip-off by insured and insurance agent

A person or group commits life insurance fraud to benefit financially. Life insurance fraud includes lying on an application or tampering with another person’s policy. Unscrupulous insurance agents, gangs, and dishonest individuals are also fraudsters.

Insurance scams

Life insurance fraud is widespread. Some insurance agents commit life insurance fraud on policyholders’ behalf. Life insurance fraud includes:

• Fake deaths: People try to collect the insurance of a still-living or non-existent person.

• Insurance agents who pocket premium checks Your insurance agent may ask you to make your cheque to them instead of the firm. The agent may send you unexplained cancellation notices or false policy documentation.

• Upgrade churning: Churning occurs when an insurance salesperson urges you to buy an additional policy to earn a commission or extra premium payments.

• Falsifying an application is a sort of fraud. Sometimes a medical exam will reveal an inaccuracy, such as if you forgot you had high cholesterol. Misrepresentation can happen accidentally. Some mistakes, like an off-by-a-few-pounds weight, may not affect your application, while others may result in a higher premium or disqualification.

If you purposely mislead you are severe disinformation, you may be denied a policy, have your coverage discontinued, or have your death benefits withheld. In addition, insurance firms may alert the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) about the life insurance application, which could prohibit you from acquiring coverage from other insurers.

• Forgery: Someone who can access an insurance policy modifies information without permission. Most forgeries involve changing the beneficiary’s name. The policyholder can change this info.

Some claim to be insurance agents and sell phony policies, paperwork, and bills. They may claim to work with a significant life insurer but seek upfront premiums. Work with licensed agents at established agencies or directly with a life insurance insurer to avoid this. Check agents’ licence numbers on your state’s licensing or insurance website.

Remember that new types of life insurance fraud may emerge.

Insurance rip-off by insured and insurance agent

Fake deaths and insurance fraud

Filed insurance claims on behalf of World Trade Center “victims” who were fictitious or alive (because they weren’t at Ground Zero when the disaster occurred).

Insurance rip-off by insured and insurance agent
Insurance rip-off by insured and insurance agent

According to New York private investigator Ed Webster, the schemes are challenging to pull off.

Insurance firms use investigators, private detectives, and other fraud professionals to spot insurance fraud. Claims management employees are taught to analyze claim difficulties and inconsistencies.

Insurance rip-off by insured and insurance agent

Forged life insurance

Most insurance fraud is conducted through forgeries, said Supervisory Special Agent Joshua Tison of the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office. Tison argues that a copy occurs when someone other than the policyholder changes the beneficiary.

In Pennsylvania, a funeral director was accused of forging a life insurance policy to make the funeral home the policyholder and beneficiary. Police said the consumer denied any alterations.

Fraud agents

Insurance insiders sometimes commit fraud. The insiders redirected policyholders’ premiums or clients’ payments to more expensive insurance. Some scams are elaborate.

A former life insurance company employee in Minnesota confessed to stealing $1.6 million by issuing counterfeit refund checks to real and fake customers. Federal prosecutors alleged that a friend cashed more than $1.1 million in cheques. The ex-employee got 35 months; the buddy got 27 months.

Insurance fraud’s repercussions

Insurance fraud could have repercussions, depending on the level of deception. Consequences:

• Application rejection: If you lie on your insurance application to get lower rates (or for whatever reason), the insurer may deny your coverage. Misstating your weight or not disclosing a medical condition are examples of deceit.

• Deceptive information on your insurance application, such as a phony body weight, may boost your rate. False information might backfire, costing you more money in the long run.

• Cancelled claims: If your insurer discovers you provided incorrect health information on your application, and you die within the policy’s contestability period, it may opt not to pay your beneficiaries’ death benefits.

• Policy cancellation: Your life insurance policy could be terminated if you gave inaccurate health information or didn’t disclose specific health concerns. Canceling an approach could make it harder to receive life insurance in the future.

More minor fraud cases, such as lying on an application, are less likely to be prosecuted. If you commit fraud or forgeries purposefully, you could face jail time or fines.

Insurance rip-off by insured and insurance agent

Insurance fraud prevention

Since life insurance fraud has profound implications, you shouldn’t lie on your application. You may also want to prevent fraud. When looking for insurance, consider these steps:

· Complete life insurance applications carefully. You overlooked small mistakes. Even changing your information can cause insurance company concerns.

• Consult an agent. Your agent should have state and product-specific licenses. If you’re doubtful of your insurance agent’s credentials, call the company’s toll-free number or the state’s insurance agency. According to Bankrate, verify the agent’s credentials and work with one of the finest life insurance firms.

Insurance rip-off by insured and insurance agent
Insurance rip-off by insured and insurance agent

Read your policy carefully. If you are in doubt, sign nothing unless you understand the procedure. Confused? Ask your insurance agent or financial adviser.

• Pay the insurance company, not the agent. Impersonating insurance agents can cash your check. Cash payments can’t be traced, which makes fraud easier.

Do application errors have consequences?

You must check your insurance application for errors. Generally, applications include a fraud disclaimer that you must sign indicating the information is accurate. If your insurer discovers false information, it may increase your premium, terminate your coverage, sue you for fraud, or work with state authorities to file criminal charges if your deception was purposeful.

How do I choose the best life insurer?

What you want determines the best life insurance business. Compare life insurance quotes from top-rated companies in your region to find the cheapest policy. When looking for insurance, get three quotations. If you’re unsatisfied with your life insurance premium or think a different coverage may better suit your needs, try switching providers.

What’s enough life insurance?

If you buy life insurance, determine how much you’ll need. A certified insurance agent and online life insurance calculator can help you decide.

How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

People now fly more frequently than they did in the past because there is a more excellent knowledge of the benefits of travel after the post-Covid-19 pandemic. Will My Travel Insurance cover Earthquakes? The insured party questioned the agent rather frequently. How do I make a claim?


Earthquake ZoneHow to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

Zone Prone to Earthquakes

Before purchasing earthquake travel insurance, the insured person should thoroughly understand the coverage and benefits provided by their policy. In addition to benefits for emergency medical care and evacuation, many policies also include round-the-clock access to emergency assistance.

How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

If there are travel warnings, the insured chooses to disregard them and continue with their original trip plans regardless of the circumstances. The insurer can contest the liability.

Is It Dangerous To Travel To Locations That Frequently Experience Earthquakes?

Only a few significant earthquakes are recorded each year on average. During the span of your quick day trip, it isn’t very certain to occur. Because of the advancements in technology that have been made in recent decades, it is also possible to more accurately forecast when and where an earthquake will take place.

How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

Suppose you knowingly put yourself in danger by traveling to a country or region despite the cautions issued by the government regarding travel there. In that case, this is known as “travelling against warnings.” You are your own insurance company. There is no protection for you for anything connected to travel alerts. For example, if you went to Turkey against the government’s advice not to, you would be breaking the law. There is no hiding place for you here.

How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

Events are known once they have been reported in the mainstream media (i.e., significant tremors have begun, a snow storm is a forecast, or a volcano has erupted). You are ineligible to purchase a cover at this time. Insurers will specify cut-off dates. For example, travelers affected by the M 6.4 – Off the coast of Aisen, Chile before  7th July 2022, could file a claim with their insurer. After the 7th of July 2022, you could not obtain any coverage of the earthquake that occurred in Nepal.

Insufficiency of protection: It is essential to remember that basic insurance, sometimes known as medical-only policies, would cover any medical claims relating to earthquakes, but they would not cover travel delays, lost luggage, or trip cancellations as a result of earthquakes.

Claim for any reason: If your pre-existing travel plans were not directly affected by the earthquake, or if you only made a change concerning your trip, there would be no cover for your claim.

Coverage for accommodations allows you to submit a claim if earthquake damage renders the hotel unusable. You are not entitled to a hotel claim on par with your standard. As an illustration, you are provided with a hotel with four stars rather than a hotel with five stars.

When You Have Adequate Protection

Although the earthquake was not a recognized risk when you purchased your policy, you are eligible to claim for it.

Cancellation (while you are still at your destination): If you are compelled to cancel the trip before you leave, you can receive the benefits.

How to claim travel insurance on earthquake mishap

 In addition, a full refund by the insurer if purchased the policy before cancelled.

Cancellation (while already abroad): If you are inside the earthquake zone, you may be eligible to get reimbursement for the expense of transportation from an uninhabitable hotel to new accommodation.

In the event of a flight cancellation, you have the right to seek compensation for any additional flying expenses.

The insurance policy covers expenses for medical care if you sustain an injury. Earthquake is the immediate cause of the problem.

If there is no availability of local care, you must evacuate to the nearest medical hospital. The insurer will pay for all the costs, including repatriation if you pass away during the evacuation.

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Five essential reasons to have travel insurance

Five essential reasons to have travel insurance

You can insure yourself against the expenses and risks of travel by purchasing travel insurance—an essential to have when one frequently travels, either within a country or abroad. Many businesses selling tickets or holiday packages offer consumers travel insurance, sometimes called travellers’ insurance.

1. Medical Emergency While Travelling

Any travel insurance policy will provide up to a specific medical expense coverage. The insurance provider will pay costs up to a particular amount for any medical or accident care. The insurance company’s provision in the policy known as “emergency medical transportation benefits” covers the cost of returning home after a covered injury or illness and medically urgent transportation to the nearest appropriate medical institution.

Five essential reasons to have travel insurance

2. For personal reasons, you wish to cancel your trip.

For instance, you and your family have decided to take a lengthy European tour and have already paid for the tour package. Sadly, your son became ill and was diagnosed with a Covid-19 diagnosis. Now, this is a significant issue since the local authorities would deny boarding to travellers who have been diagnosed with Covid-19. Since the travel operator has made it clear you must cancel the trip, no in cases of trip cancellation within 14 days of departure.

When consumers have this kind of problem, travel insurance is crucial.

Because reimbursement is for pre-paid, non-refundable trip expenses, travel insurance with trip cancellation coverage is essential. However, travel insurance can only provide a refund for covered events. Within 30 days of your anticipated arrival, a terrorist attack takes place at your destination, you must attend the birth of a sibling’s kid, and your home or your destination becomes uninhabitable as a result of a natural disaster are some frequently covered grounds.

Five essential reasons to have travel insurance

Five essential reasons to have travel insurance

3. Accidental Death and Flight Accident Coverage

If an accident occurs while the insured’s travelling and result in death or severe injury, the insurer compensates the victim’s family. Accidental death insurance may not be required if you already have it. However, the benefits your travel insurance policy offers can be in addition to those life insurance policies offer, giving your dependents access to more money.

There is a limit of compensation based on the sum insured when the insured passes away during the trip. For example, $500,000 per person (plus any existing health care benefits) sounds like enough security if I ever knew anyone who wanted more! This coverage only applies when it involves aircraft accidents.

Five essential reasons to have travel insurance

4. Compensation for Your Losses

You might be curious about the value of your luggage. After all, if you misplace it or break it when going abroad, you’ll likely have to pay a hefty replacement fee. And who doesn’t prefer to save money? Ensure anything was covered under warranty through either company policy before worrying too much about what might have gone wrong (or right! ), as doing otherwise will only increase an already significant debt.

Five essential reasons to have travel insurance

Five essential reasons to have travel insurance

5. It provides support

Insurance providers can help if you need assistance with anything when travelling. A travel insurance plan that provides 24 hours a day, seven days a week, customer care for claims made abroad is the most acceptable method to tour the world. No matter what occurs, this friend will help you get over any language or geographic barriers, so you’re always covered!

As long as people purchase it before travelling abroad or using another country’s healthcare system without first securing adequate coverage – which many people do not know about until they are already injured! – they can advise on how to file a claim and locate network hospitals that will treat patients covered under their policies!

Travel insurance covers all types of dangers if you’re completed secure while away. The all-encompassing coverage will prevent anything from happening and offer protection from many events, including accidents!

Even if you didn’t previously have travel insurance, you might want to get it now in the post-COVID-19 environment. Some of the most popular types of travel insurance are trip cancellation coverage, personal possession coverage, medical expense coverage, and accidental death or flight accident coverage.

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Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

Even with mandatory homeowner insurance as a prerequisite for the bank house loan, not everyone purchases householder insurance. Even more shocking, most insured will not have fire or homeowner’s coverage after paying off the mortgage. What else can be said about a householder’s insurance?

Why does the owner not purchase the householder’s insurance? Is it the fault of the intermediary or the property owner? Let us investigate.

Most agents were surprised to learn that the owner had a bank-backed mortgage. The agent depresses the handbrake. Why not cross-sell a household product to the insured in addition to car insurance?

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

One day, a corporate client called, “Mr. Jamin, would you please come over to my house to discuss the householder policy?” I was initially hesitant to confirm the yes answer. He called me a few times after that. Compensation for the death of a householder policy insured 1

I agreed. I agreed. “Mr. Robert, let us meet this Saturday evening at your house.” After much deliberation, I decided on his factory-insured Marine open cover with a yearly sum of more than US$ 80 million-plus or minus 5. He also insured for ten factory policies, including fire, business interruption due to machinery failure, consequential loss, money in transit and on-premises, public liability, product liability, group personal accident, employer benefit, burglary, and fidelity guarantee.

When I arrived, the maid welcomed me into their mansion, which featured an outdoor Olympic-size swimming pool.

“Mr Jamin, please take a seat; my boss called her an hour ago to inform her that the flight from a nearby capital had been delayed by 30 minutes.” “Would you like a coffee or tea, sir?” “If you’re bored, I ask three gardeners to accompany you around to see the flowers and our organic vegetable plot,” she continued. Please accept my invitation to your home. ”

The insured arrived 15 minutes after 6 p.m.

The couple apologized profusely for being 30 minutes late.

“An unexpected crisis has arisen at the factory.” We settled right away, but it was too late to catch the last flight home last night. Due to the weekend, all morning seats are fully booked.”

The insured believed the previous agent lacked in-depth knowledge of insurance matters. The agent had summed up the entire content of two million dollars in a single sentence.

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

Can we claim death from householder's insurance?
Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?


Determine the householder’s insurance coverage.

Let us start with three main halls, two dining rooms, 12 bedrooms, a wine chiller room, and a bar counter with a display showcase of various brandies. One pet-lover maid is caring for 12 guards and four small furry dogs in a kitchen and a custom-made pet kennel. She bathes them every day and brushes their teeth with dog toothpaste.

The crystal light is a favourite of the insured’s wife. She travelled to Austria to find three Swarovski crystal lights. The three chandeliers are elegantly displayed in the three main halls. US$300,000.00 in value. It is not part of the fixed fitting because the crystal is easily stolen or removed. Three pure Italian leather, cool, comfortable sofa sets are worth US$150,000.00.

Can we claim death from householder's insurance?
Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?


Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

The two teak wood antique dining tables with ten seats are valued at $100,000.00. Two massive wall mirrors decorated with seashells by one of Indonesia’s most renowned artisans, valued at $25,000.00.

The French wine in the chiller room is worth $50,000.00. The owner enjoys wine and frequently drinks it with his four children on special occasions and during the holiday season.

He frequently entertained a close relative and a friend at the bar counter. The neatly arranged display is set row by row with antique brandy. A few bottles with more than a 100-year lifespan, valued at USD 100,000.00. A complete customized set of Italy coffee makers valued at US$30 000.00, from grinding to the fresh aromatic coffee bean to the flow of a cup of self-made Italian cuppa.

A pet kennel was explicitly created for the 12 dogs, as dogs help reduce working stress for a jet traveller like him. A monthly visit by a seasoned veterinarian ensures the dogs’ health and well-being. Two guard dogs are insured for $5000.00, and the small toy dogs are valued at $10,000.00. The customized made-to-order kernel, worth $25,000, installed for air conditioning units.

Can we claim death from householder's insurance?
Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

The owner’s main and four children’s bedrooms are made of Myanmar teak wood, valued at $100,000.00. Each of the seven visitors’ bedrooms is worth US$10,000.00.

One of the sons used to be a professional photographer for National Geographic. He treated his camera set as if it were his own life and enjoyed the landscape and microphotography while working as a wedding planner. He had left his mark on all seven continents. His Canon camera set and accessories were insured for US$100,000 with an all-risk with theft by deception extension clause.

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

The kitchen cabinet, cutlery, cooking utensils, and electrical appliances are insured for $100,000.00.

As a businessman, he frequently takes his wife and two daughters to vital functions. Lady often dresses to kill, and they are no exception. Their necklace and diamond ring are insured for $300,000.00.

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

A Rolex watch is an everlasting asset that grows in value over time. The filthy rich like to keep it as an investment, and Mr Robert is no exception. Every year, the entire family takes a winter holiday to the Swiss Alps for ice skating. Bit by bit, the collection of watches valued at $300,000.00 grew.

The wall painting, laptop, TV, CCTV, karaoke, sound system, and mobile phone are insured for only US$35 000.00. I added a comprehensive theft policy for the insured. The procedure was issued in the couple’s joint name, naming the couple as the insured.

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

Early Bird

I received a phone call on a beautiful Sunday morning after our family breakfast at a local café. According to the panicked maid, two robbers had burgled the family. The injured couple was hospitalized. I dashed over to meet them.

I was overwhelmed by the sight of all the children and suggested that the elder son file a police report. The coma wife was still in the intensive care unit. Mr Robert told me about the incident just before his youngest daughter arrived home at 3 a.m.


Except for the two guard dogs, I heard the dogs barking furiously—the silent alarm, with servant quarters located far away. The dog barking awakened the couple.

Two young men in helmets dashed into the main hall, carrying two chisels.

They yelled at them, “Money!”

“Take whatever you want because we don’t have much money at home.” This statement may have enraged one of the robbers. He used his bare hand to protect himself after swiftly slaying the man. The terrified wife began to scream for help.

“Hel…….p, Hel………P,” she yelled. Her stomach erupted with new blood. The robber had stabbed her abdomen. When they saw the children, they rushed out to save their parents. The robber fled empty-handed.

The robbers poisoned the guard dogs and imprisoned seven servants in their quarter.


Mrs Robert died after ten days in the intensive care unit due to infection. She had diabetes. How much is the insurer obligated to pay for her death? Does the insurer cover the couple’s medical expenses?

Can we claim death from householder's insurance?
Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?
Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

What is the most crucial factor to consider?

Robbers forced their way into your home and made a visible entrance.

The insurer pays for the death if a person dies within 90 days due to theft or fire.

If more than one person is involved.

This benefit is not available to the corporation unless someone is nominated to sign the proposal form.

The liability for this benefit is one-half of the contents sum insured, whichever is less, of which is applied the lesser amount.

Can we claim death from the householder’s insurance?
Can we claim death from householder's insurance?
Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

Claim for Death Compensation

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Response to Compensation for Death Benefits

What is the total amount of this claim? There are only two options. The full policy wording on the Death claim is as follows.

Can we claim death from householder’s insurance?

What is included?

You are covered for fatal injury (death) in the private dwelling house due to external or visible violence caused by thugs or fire if the death occurs within three (3) calendar months of the injury.

We will be liable for a prorated portion of the compensation if there is more than one (1) named insured.

You must nominate a person or persons for a corporation and register their name(s) with us.

This benefit’s liability limit is the sum specified on the schedule or one-half of the total sum insured on contents, whichever is less.

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Do you need agent in digital world?

Do you need agent in digital world?

In this digital internet world, we can find insurance information on the internet with a button. Do you require an insurance agent in the digital age? Many people may believe otherwise. The public painted too many negative images of earlier insurance agents.
I vividly recall a joke during my first year of marketing insurance training.

Our local chief (OCPD) and his deputy are always on duty during office hours. They have no fear of anyone, including the mafia, gangster directors, drug lords, and money launderers.

“Sir, a gentleman named Mr Ricky would like to see you shortly.” He’s making his way up the building.”

“Is he an insurance agent wearing spectacles and a stylish tie?” The OCPD inquired.

“Sir, yes.”

“On My God, tell him I’m not around,” he hurriedly left the office as if a tsunami was about to sweep away his office.

“My boss, Mr Ricky, has left the office and will not return until tomorrow.” Would you like to leave a message?

“Good morning, Mr OCPD; would you like a coffee with me?” Mr Ricky cornered him at the back door.

What is the punchline to this joke?

Do you need agent in digital world?
Do you need agent in digital world?

Do you need agent in digital world?

Agents are only interested in my money.

We often envision those slimy snack oil salesmen from old movies when we think of insurance agents. Initial contact with insurance agents would result in selling as many policies as possible to SUCK YOUR MONEY. They will become an invisible agent until the following year’s renewal date.

The agent is known as the money Face by the general public. However, that agent is here to assist you in selecting the best policy for you. We are not God, and we cannot predict what will happen to our family and ourselves. As in the case of the 2004 tsunami, even though we have cutting-edge technology to monitor daily volcano activity, tragedies still occur.

You may have encountered an agent who is only interested in your money. I apologise on behalf of our industry for their ignorance and selfishness. Agents assist you in making the best decision on a service that you were already planning to purchase. Give agents a chance and interview others to ensure that you get the best deal for yourself.

Do you need agent in digital world?
Do you need agent in digital world?

Do you need agent in digital world?

It is less expensive to buy online or directly from the insurance company.

The commission paid to an agent has no bearing on an insurer’s quote. It won’t matter if you go through an agent or directly to the company. However, purchasing from an insurance agent or broker. May provide you with significant savings that others do not offer.

The insurance agents and insurance brokers are not the same; the public gets them mixed up and confused.

An insurance agent acting on behalf of the insurance company. They follow the strictly the guide rule and regulations. Becoming an insurance agent is very easy; you finish secondary and then sit for the three hours computerised objectives.

Do you need agent in digital world?

In the case of an insurance broker, a pass in all the 12 Chartered papers from the U.K. (Chartered Insurance Institute) associated papers written examination is the essential requirement to qualify as a broker.

They need to obtain a Central Bank license with a no-interest deposit of half a million.

They customised your policy with their quotation without any reference to the insurer. In addition, insert their clause that tailors for your need.

Insurance brokers don’t handle the small or personalised cases, only the mega risk with a completed package. They collect a single premium with a minimum range from five digits to 7 or 8 numbers.

Do you need agent in digital world?

Call the agent and ask for a quote. It saves you time from calling various insurance companies. The only way for you to find out is to get a quote.

Buying direct will allow me to avoid the middleman and save time.

Nobody wants to deal with an intermediary these days. It’s difficult to call an agent for a quote when you don’t know how long it will take.

Request a quote online. You’re getting a lot of questions during your office hours. It disrupts your workflow. Your immediate supervisor will give you a disapproving look. It would be advantageous if you still had an agent for two reasons:

Do you need agent in digital world? 1

Do you need agent in digital world?

1.) The agent will call up the insurers to sort out the best quote from various insurers for you, saving you time by not calling so many insurers. The best time to meet It would be best if you met with the agent after work or in the comfort of your own home.

2.) If problems arise or a claim is filed, the agent can assist you. It saves you time from waiting on hold for long periods and being passed from person to person to get your questions answered.

I don’t need an agent’s advice because I know what I’m doing.

An agent can offer you more than just quotes. Even with all the online research, each individual’s situation requires a personal examination to arrive at a final reasonable decision. They have a comparable home, family size, and vehicle to your next door neighbor but have utterly different insurance requirements.

An agent will assist you in selecting the best plan for you and avoiding unnecessary policies (yes, you can purchase extreme policies).

I, too, worked for an insurer for six years. The insurance industry is constantly changing due to new regulations and rules. As a result, all agents must attend 30 hours of mandatory yearly training to stay updated on the most recent new amendment act. They believe having an agent on-site would benefit the insured.

Do you need agent in digital world?
Do you need agent in digital world?
Do you need agent in digital world?

I believe that all people at least have a car policy; what is the meaning of “all riders” in the car policy? What is the definition of compulsory excess? Have you insured your car on the market or agreed value?

What is the difference between theft or full theft policy, house owner or householder policy, or even fire insurance?

You can deal directly instead of going through an agent, but why not have someone on your side who can help you make the best decisions, save you money, provide you with tools, and is free?

Whether you deal directly with the insurer or an agent, the option is yours.

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Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?

Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?

Have you ever had to rush to an ATM in the middle of the night because someone needed medical attention? Have you asked for money from friends or family?
You even used up all the credit card limitations, yet the private hospital does not allow your family to the admission. What shall you do?

Cashless hospitalization aims to avoid such situations. The insurer pays the hospital directly, based on the annual limit.

Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?

a cashless hospitalization

Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?
Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?

Companies partner with hospitals after analyzing their medical services. These facilities are part of the cashless network, so you don’t have to pay to use them. The insurance company uses third-party administrators (TPA) to deliver to the hospital directly.

Cashless hospitalization did in two ways:

Inpatient stay

If you can’t plan and determine the network hospitals, check your policy document or call the toll-free number. Here are the steps to take.

• Get a pre-authorization form from the hospital insurance desk or download it from the TPA website. Both the patient and the doctor must sign the form.

• Submit the completed form submitted to the insurance desk for verification.

• The TPA then approves the form.

• An authorization is then sent with the sanctioned amount.

Emergency hospitalisation

If you an admission urgently, follow these steps:

• Show your HEALTH INSURANCE card with your policy number and coverage details.

• Fill out the authorization form available at the insurance desk.

• If you can’t wait for TPA approval, you can pay the hospital bill and later claim reimbursement.

Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?

Now let’s look at cashless hospitalization.

• Keep in mind that this service is only available to the panel hospitals. To find cashless hospitals in your city, visit the insurer’s website.

• Planned claims require advance notification. It includes pre-and post-hospitalization expenses.

Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?
Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?

• Notify the insurance company of emergency hospitalization within the maximum time frame. The policy document will contain this information.

A cashless hospitalization

• If hospitalized, you don’t have to worry about finances, which is a relief.

• Knowing you are adequately covered ensures you receive the best medical care.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, read the terms and conditions and understand the inclusions and exclusions of cashless hospitalization insurance. Keep copies of all bills, reports, claim forms, and discharge papers if you need them later.

Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?

The Value of Cashless Health Insurance

People are often cash strapped due to rising medical costs and crises like the current pandemic and cannot always afford medical expenses. As a result, cashless health insurance is a big help because you can get treatment without immediate cash access. You must go to one of your health insurance provider’s network hospitals to receive treatment.

It will give you peace of mind and reduce unnecessary stress. It save you time and energy when settling your claim with the insurance company.

Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?

Cashless vs Reimbursement Claims

The policyholder either pays a monthly or yearly premium to cover the family members’ medical expenses covered by the policy. The reimbursement process can be cashless or through reimbursement claims. So, here’s the difference:


The cashless feature of the health insurance policy means the policyholder does not have to pay upfront for hospital treatment. In such cases, the insurance company and the hospital settle the bills without the policyholder having to pay cash.

Payment claims

The policyholder must first pay the hospital in cash for reimbursement claims and then apply for reimbursement with the insurance company. So, the policyholder pays the hospital first, then the insurer. The reimbursement option is used for treatments not received in a network hospital.

Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?
Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?
Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?

Two scenarios with medical insurance
In the olden day, there wasn’t any cashless admission medical insurance. One of my relatives suffered so much to save his father’s life. He sold 16 acres of matured oil palm land at a discount rate.
A wealthy heartless buyer slashes his selling price twice a week, aware of his predicament. With one hundred thousand dollars, they flew off to Chennai for his father’s kidney transplant. Luckily, it was a successful operation, and he lived until he was 78.

Probe this hardship they have undergone. Was it not painful to dispose of the land at a discount price?

A dog lover woman bred a German shepherd at her big bungalow compound in another case.
After her husband’s dismissal, she grieved so much that later she too suffered a pancreas cancer in April.

Even though she had brought her cashless medical insurance for only forty thousand for one admission, it was insufficient for a single operation.

Pancreas cancer is a long-term illness, the forty thousand soon exhausted, with only Hudson’s choice left for her business owner’s son.
To save her mother’s life, he re-mortgaged his residence to the bank for one hundred thousand dollars.

Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?
Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?

When one person is dying, the family members listen to those so-called quack doctors for all kinds of expensive Chinese herbs to boost her immune system, besides the usual chemotherapy.

In July month, I paid her a visit to her home. Hardly I could recognize her. A frame of 65 Kg dramatically dropped to 40 kg in 3 months. With her emaciated body and a pair of hollow eyes on a skeleton body, she could hardly have the energy to swallow that semi-fluid food.

I received terrible news from her son in October of the same year that she passed away in the government hospital as her son had used up altogether two hundred thousand dollars since April.

Two hundred forty thousand could not save her life. Do you realize how skyrocketing medical costs are nowadays?

Do you need cashless admission medical insurance?

Now is the time to have a cashless admission medical policy. Review your existing policy, and it suffices to cover the primary operation. If it is inadequate, please buy a supplement policy to have a lesser exclusion endorsement in your policy.
Do not listen to those unscrupulous insurance agents to surrender the policy. Your health is not the same as five years, assuming you purchased a policy then.

Also, a soft reminder, check your policy for the annual limit and whole life limitation of the sum insured. Is it coverage up to 80 or, even better, 100 years old? As with improving medical health care, our life span lasts longer than our fore-parents.

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8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property

8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property

Can we claim tree damage to our property?

The heavy storm stroke the Selangor in December 2021, causing many trees to tumble on houses and cars. The owner of such property was at sixes and seven, not knowing what to do next. While some may choose not to submit a claim, there are many procedures you must complete for compensation from your insurer. This post will explain how to file a claim for fallen tree damage to your property.

A tree falls on your house or another insured property. Like a detached garage, your basic homeowner’s policy covers the building and the contents.

8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property

 Do you have photos?

8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property
8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property

Claiming for tree damage isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have images of the damage. Before filing any compensation claim because of a fallen tree, ensure you have pictures of your vehicle and any property damage. Recording video or audio of a storm or other natural disaster can aid in rare circumstances. Having suitable proof can help you negotiate with insurance companies and other parties engaged in these types of claims.

Contact your insurer right away.

First, inform your insurer about the damage. After that, they’ll send a claims adjuster to look over your automobile and belongings. They’ll usually tell you to photograph everything. For injuries that require immediate care, or if your claim is not for car-related damages, you may need prompt medical attention. Call 911 immediately; waiting could cause costly medical bills later.

8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property

Prove it was due to weather

8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property 2

We all know that the weather can be unpredictable. But can you sue if a tree fell on your land, damaging your car or home? Yes! How to do it: First, clear the debris and make sure it’s not on fire. Inspect your house, car, and driveway for cracks and dents. Get a repair quote from a contractor. Call your insurer to report on the incident now that you have everything. Please keep copies of everything in case they dispute your claim.

Get good legal advice.

Get legal guidance while a fallen tree can damage your car and property. If your insurer denies liability, you have options, but they are risky. It would help if you had legal help to file a claim for fallen tree damage with your insurer or whoever handles cleanup. Consult a lawyer about the costs, success rates, and potential compensation. Then decide what you want to do next.

8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property

What if I don’t want to?

8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property
8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property

It may seem pointless, but you can’t claim unless you try. You can find information on filing a claim for fallen tree damage on insurance company websites and online. Call your local council or police station for help if everything else fails. If you provide incorrect information, the insurer can reject your claim. You may believe that you must prove fault or another party’s involvement to claim for tree damage.

When a tree falls, it isn’t necessarily the fault of others. If you don’t have insurance, you may still get compensation from your insurer for taking precautions against storms or falling branches.

8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property

Seek expert advice

8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property
8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property

It’s disheartening to think of all your hard-earned money going towards repairs. What’s more distressing is not knowing what to do about it. To get your car back on track, you need to file a claim for damages. When dealing with insurance providers, always seek professional help. If something goes wrong, having your claim in writing with accurate details of damaged items will save you time, energy, and money. It helps you if you decide to sue for damages.

Consumers struggle with this area, and even some claims specialists are stumped. It’s critical to understand your insurer’s terminology for tree branches and fallen trees. Is there any cover for the stems and debris? Deny a claim if it does not expressly include these items. The easiest method to know is to ask your agent directly for detailed coverage. If they say yes, make a claim; if they say no, ask why not.

8 tips for claiming fallen trees damage to your property


Under this policy, the Company agrees to cover loss or damage to the property stated in the Schedule, including the walls, gates, and fences surrounding it.

Any object immediately resulting from damage caused by fallen trees or branches or by such damage, provided that the first RM250.00

It is the Insured’s responsibility to pay any claim under this endorsement.

The policy’s terms and conditions apply as if incorporated. Any loss or damage is presumed to be caused by fire for this section.

 All other terms and conditions apply.

 You’re covered by whoever owns the tree.

 If a tree falls on your house, file an insurance claim.

Trees, shrubs, and branches can become projectiles after a hurricane or windstorm, causing extensive property damage. In most circumstances, an insurance provider will not investigate the origin of a tree or branch.

 If the tree falls on a neighbor’s property, your insurer may try to collect from their insurer through subrogation. If this happens and your insurance wins, you may be entitled to a deductible return.

 Keep your trees healthy and ready for winter and storms to mitigate damage. Remember, home insurance has no coverage for lack of care of the tree.

 Your coverage may cover tree removal.

When a tree falls on an insured property, the homeowner policy covers the cost of removing the tree, which can range from $500 to $1,000 depending on the insurer and the policy selected

 Debris removal usually is not covered unless the tree falls on an insured structure. However, if the tree is blocking a driveway or a disabled ramp, certain insurance carriers may cover the expense of removal.

 The value of mature trees and landscaping might be expensive to replace. Basic home insurance plans cover fire, lightning, explosion, theft, aircraft, non-resident cars, vandalism, and malicious damage to trees and plants.

 Most insurers cap coverage for a single tree, shrub, or plant at 5% of the structure’s insurance.

 Commercially cultivated trees and plants (such shrubs for sale) require separate company insurance coverage.

 To avoid damage from your trees, keep them healthy and ready for winter and storms—no cover for poor tree care by homeowner’s insurance.

 Restricts to 5% of the structure insurance policy, with most insurers capping coverage at one tree, shrub, or plant.

 Cultivated trees and plants (like shrubs) require separate company insurance coverage.

 Steps to take: Consider your trees while calculating your homeowner’s insurance sum insured.

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2 tips on how to claim damage from overflowing tank

2 tips on how to claim damage from overflowing tank

I share 2 tips on how to claim damage from overflowing tank. Can we claim water overflowing loss to your home when you water tank burst or overflowing due to lack of maintenance? The water tank or apparatus often install on the roof top of the house. People migrate to the city for a greener pasture, many houses, and a condominium mushroom in a crowded space. Is it fair to us that we have to pay for the development?

The developer installed a condo with a water tank and or even swimming on the rooftop. The management needs to monitor any pipes burst or leakage constantly.
No matter how tight the maintenance schedule is, mishaps do occur. Are we prepared for that?
Years ago, the old water tank burst at the low-cost government flat at Johor Bahru. A few residents lost their lives in the disaster. How to Claim Water Overflowing Loss To Your Home on this case?

2 tips on how to claim damage from overflowing tank
2 tips on how to claim damage from overflowing tank

The leakage of a transparency swimming pool built on the condo’s rooftop that most people would never forget. It leaks from the top like a cascading waterfall that can be seen a few kilometers away in Singapore. Can we claim water overflowing loss to your your home from the swimming pool.

2 tips on how to claim damage from overflowing tank

I vividly recall when I joined general conglomerate insurance in corporate marketing. A sewing machine called me to investigate the water tank leakage on the third floor of the shop lot. As a greenhorn, I was dumbfounded to discover the water damage to shop content was not claimable.

I was devastated that I signed up for the Australian Insurance Institute self-study course to enhance my insurance knowledge.

Put my heart and soul into passing all twelve papers within two and a half years. Later on, I specialized in marine insurance at the Chartered Insurance Institute of the UK.

Remember to add the water tank, apparatus, or bursting pipe to your home fire insurance. If it is a householder or home insurance, it includes this clause.
The extra premium your pay is insignificant compared to the loss and damage to your house structure and content.

Claim Water Overflowing Loss To Your Home
Claim Water Overflowing Loss To Your Home

2 tips on how to claim damage from overflowing tank

Water tank, apparatus overflowing or bursting of water pipes endorsement

For an additional premium, the Company now agrees and declares that the insurance under this policy includes loss or damage to the property caused by the bursting or overflowing of water tanks or bursting apparatus or pipes installed in the buildings certified or containing the property insured excluding:-

(a) loss or damage caused while the premises not occupied .
(b) The water discharged or leaking from an installation of automatic sprinklers.
(c) the first RM1,000.00** of every loss at each separate premises, as ascertained after the average application, or the Company’s rate able proportion of that amount.
(d) When the sum insured is not more than RM50,000.00 , it may reduce this excess to 1% of the sum insured subject to a minimum of RM100.00
(e) All the policy conditions (except in so far as they may be now expressly varied) apply as if had incorporated for any loss or damage as aforesaid shall be lost or damaged by fire.


1. The Company’s liability shall in no case under this endorsement exceed the sum insured by each item of the policy.

2. This policy does not cover loss of earnings, loss by delay, failure of the market, or other consequential loss or damage whatsoever except the loss of rental inclusive in the policy.

3. The Insured use all reasonable diligence and care to keep the premises in a proper state of repair. If the insured discovers it, rectify it immediately. Taken additional precautions to prevent further loss or damage as the circumstances may require. The insurer is not liable for any loss or damage caused by a defect received notice from the Company or any person or public body.

Subject otherwise to the terms and conditions of the policy.

2 tips on how to claim damage from overflowing tank

Typical water damage covered by homes insurance:

Boilers. The same goes for a frozen pipe that explodes, but not if you didn’t keep the house warm.

There are accidental leaks from pipes or appliances, such as a damaged washer or dishwasher.

Water damage from a fire sprinkler system or a fire department hose.

Water damage from a roof leak, a storm, or a tree falling on your roof. Remember that if an accident (such as a falling tree) destroys your roof, you must repair it quickly. If no action taken may result in additional uninsured water damage.

Storm damage from severe rain or hail.

Ice dams, such as ice in your gutter damaging your home, may be covered if the damage was abrupt and not due to neglect.

2 tips on how to claim damage from overflowing tank

Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Here are some frequent issues not covered by regular homes insurance:

Flooding. Most importantly, no flood damage is covered by home insurance. Hurricanes, tsunamis, storm surges, overflowing rivers, and heavy rain can cause flooding. Consider flood insurance to cover these issues.

A failure to remedy a plumbing issue or neglect to keep the heat on during cold weather causes water damage.

The insured intentionally set fire to your home or turned off the heat in the cold.

The earthquake, landslide, or mudslide water damage. Is unlikely to be compensated. An earthquake insurance policy to cover damage from an earthquake.

Back-up water damage in a sewer or drain (unless you purchased special coverage for this problem.)

Water damage from a pool or other constructions.

Water damage from seepage or foundation leaks.

The insurer would not pay the expense of repairing or replacing a faulty dishwasher or washing machine.

Failure of a sump pump or related equipment, you may want to seek sump and water back-up coverage for such issues.

2 tips on how to claim damage from overflowing tank

How Can I Prevent Water Damage?

It is best to take preventive measures are one of the best ways to protect a home from water damage. Routine maintenance and timely repairs are essential.

Remember that homeowners insurance only covers “sudden and accidental” water damage, not ongoing issues. A leaking faucet, for example, should be repaired as soon as possible.

Other options:

Remove the sediment from water heaters twice a year.

Install an intelligent leak detector that alerts your phone or email (Some sensors can turn off the water to prevent damage.) In a LexisNexis study of 2,306 US homes, water-related claims dropped 96% after installing a Flo by Moen water leak detector.

Washing machine, dishwasher, water heater, and refrigerator hose inspection Replace any damaged hoses.

Inspect your roof and replace any missing, rotten, or damaged shingles. Also, clean your roof gutters. Clogged gutters can overflow and pool near a home’s foundation, allowing water into the basement.

Prevent frozen pipes if you live in a cold climate. Set the thermostat at least 50 degrees and insulate pipes. The American Red Cross has more information on thawing frozen pipes.

Clear snow from your roof to avoid ice dams. A roof or gutter with ice dams can cause extensive damage to both the exterior and interior. A roof rake can help remove snow from the top and prevent snow dams.

Remove leaves from gutters each fall to avoid clogged drains and ice dams in the winter.

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Insurer sadly denies your medical claim

Nowadays, with the rising medical cost, a cashless admission medical card, but the insurer sadly denies your medical claim. The insurer cheats. Let us dive in to determine why the insurer denies your medical claim.

Firstly, we need to understand the importance of the principle of utmost good faith.
This legal notion, known as uberrimae fides, demands contracting parties act honestly and truthfully and not mislead or hide any critical information for the contract’s success.

Good faith dictates that both parties must disclose all relevant facts to an insurance arrangement. Honesty implies submitting accurate premiums and coverage limits to the insurance company. Expect the applicants to provide all relevant personal information truthfully.

When signing the contract, the insured and an insurer requires all parties to act in good faith. Insurers play a much more significant role than their insured counterparts, bound by the agreement regarding Utmost Good Faith.

Insurer sadly denies your medical claim

The tragic Case of Liver Transplant is highlighted in Singapore.

‘He died not knowing I was pregnant was the headline on Singapore Strait Time on Friday, June 7, 2002. Too much money, too little time: frantic efforts to raise finances for a liver transplant. A donor is available, but a significant delay over cost proves fatal in this case. “Without money or surgery, there is no solution.

I flashed the headlines of a heart-breaking love story across the local paper. A heartless mercenary surgeon had refused to admit a patient admission. Like adding salt to the wound, the insurer declined a so-called cash admission to a local private hospital.

Insurer sadly denies your medical claim


The chronicle of the misfortune began in
The local specialist diagnosed him suffered jaundice zymolysis. The hospital requested him to pay upfront RM5,230.00 for admission. Look here! It was supposed to be a cashless admittance using a medical card. Later, the specialist discovered he suffered from Hepatitis B as the cause of his illness.

Lacking a liver surgeon to perform a liver transplant there, the hospital found a solution for transferring based on the patient’s grave condition necessitated an immediate transfer to a Singapore private hospital, where he underwent a liver transplant.

When he was ready for a liver transplant, he transferred the patient to another private hospital in Singapore. The donor was the late patient’s older sister, who gave her liver for her younger sibling’s transplant as a tribute of love to her brother.

Insurer sadly denies your medical claim

With no money, there will be no surgery.

“Before the surgeon can execute the surgery, you must first locate a suitable liver donor and then pay a deposit of S$300,000 in full.” According to the hospital, “No money, no surgery” was the policy of the second private hospital in Singapore.

Insurer sadly denies your medical claim
Insurer sadly denies your medical claim

The patient’s family disposed of their share, gold, and jewelry and even borrowed money from distant relatives to save him. They had enough cash in hand; they deposited the hospital. The hospital admitted her as a donor to the hospital for a liver transplant.

Misfortune befalls the family; that morning, the Lord called her youngest brother’s life to an end since he could no longer hold on.

Whatever has passed is ash to ash, dust to dust, but the living must carry on. The deceased family submitted a claim with the general insurance company for an amount insured of RM75,000.00 for the medical card claim. The surprising response from an insurance company.

Insurer sadly denies your medical claim

Ineligible for Claim

Insurer sadly denies your medical claim
Insurer sadly denies your medical claim

It is with deep regret the insurer informs you that the medical expenses for the treatment of your condition are not claimable under the following policy exclusion:

General Exclusion (11) – “suicide or attempted suicide, self-inflicted injuries, self-destruction or any attempt thereat while sane or insane. “

General Exclusion (9) – “… treatment of alcohol dependence syndrome and drug addiction/abuse.”

There was no resolution after numerous visits to the lawyer appointed. On the other hand, the lawyer demanded RM2,000 from the family just to get started. For two years, there was no hearing from the session court.

At the same time, many friends helped the deceased family write many appeal letters to the Malaysian Mediation Bureau or Ombudsman for Financial
Services. All the attempts failed.

A coincidence meeting at the shopping mall, I pumped into a lady giving me a stern glance several times,

At first, we didn’t realize we had previously worked together until I accidentally ran into his sister by accident. We talked over for a cup of tea.

“Jamin wong, can you help me get the case for my late brother. I need your help.”
“When we separated the factory export department, I was confident that you were still pursuing your studies in Chartered insurance, and now it is time you would be able to aid me.” She begged me to listen to her.

Insurer sadly denies your medical claim

“Sure, it’s my pleasure to assist people who have a genuine claim, but those lawyer’s correspondence letters, please do not give to me. I want the proposal form, cover note, policy jacket, and rejection claim letter reply from the insurer.

I will study the case within two weeks and give you a reply If I have a 90 percent chance of winning, I shall write an appeal letter on your behalf to the Bank Negara Insurance Mediation Bureau. Is that alright with you?

Even though it mentioned Hepatitis B in the brother’s proposal form, the insurer issued no exclusion on hepatitis b. The insurer did not include an exclusion clause in the renewal notice. for hepatitis B. After carefully reviewing the liver specialist’s diagnostic report, the patient died of abrupt liver failure due to Hepatitis B, not consuming slim tablets. The deceased is taking slimming pills prescribed by general practitioners.

Insurer sadly denies your medical claim

The insurer did not uphold the utmost Good Faith.

Insurer sadly denies your medical claim
Insurer sadly denies your medical claim

In the proposal form, the insured had the duty to disclose that he was a hepatitis B carrier, which he had done in good faith. The veteran general insurance agent stated; that he had Hepatitis B, and the underwriter accepted the offer without any exclusion on Hepatitis B. As a result, the insurer did not honor their obligation of the utmost good faith.

The End Is Sweet

In the appeal letter, I highlight only one A4-sized piece of paper in the grey area.

After inspect the appeal letter and all the reason I gave, the bureau confirmed the insurer needs to pay the entire medical claim. A happy conclusion, of course. The insurer sent the widow a check for RM75,000 on July 30, 2004.

The insurer doesn’t cheat the public but finds a loophole to deny your claim. Please  read carefully and understand the acceptable tiny printed wording. Before accepting the offer, the is a cooling period of 14 days. If you doubt an unflavored term, request to amend it accordingly.

In any insurance, the best is don’t hide the fact and reality from the insurer. Like in the case of medical insurance, declare your pee-existing illness, for instance, hypertension. You orally take the pill daily but tell the agent not to write the actual scenario.
As a part of the contract, you do not practice utmost good faith; the insurer can void the warranty and deny your claim. You are buying insurance for the peace of mind, not giving you a hard egg later. Beware, don’t naively treat the insurer as a dummy.

The insurer paid a small claim but denied a more significant claim. We’ll see how the insurer breaks the tenet of utmost good faith in the next episode.

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How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home

How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home

It’s been scorched and hazy in most parts of the country. Here is a “simple write-up” about standard fire insurance policy coverage for losses caused by bush (or lalang) fire damage to your home. How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home?

Bush fires can erupt at any time. When a bush fire approaching your home and family, it’s critical to assess your risks and prepare.

Making a bush fire plan is one of the most important things.

You are prioritized to know if you have fire insurance or house insurance.

A policy for bush/lalang fire insurance

How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home

If you have or are about to buy a fire insurance policy to protect your home, please turn to the page with condition 8. This section on exclusions focuses explicitly on 8(i): 8. Unless the policy says otherwise, this insurance does not cover: In this case, the fires that burn forests, grasslands, prairies, and jungle can cause a lot of damage, but they can cost you a lot of money.

Fire loss or damage to property f due to forest, jungle, bush, or other forests, jungle, or no cover for bush fire spreading by the wording in 8 I. If a fire of this kind spread and damaged your home, there would be no way to stop it.

In this case, BUSH and LALANG fired.

The rate is: 0.005%

Wording of Endorsement

Conditions 8(i) of this policy say they don’t cover fires caused by bush/lalang. The Company agrees to pay an extra premium to cover fires caused by bush/lalang, but only if the Insured keeps their land free from lalang and undergrowth while this policy is in effect.

In other words, unless there are different rules and regulations in the policy.

However, suppose you choose a more comprehensive policy, such as a Householders or Homeowners Insurance policy. There is no exclusion for losses to insured property caused by bush or lalang fires – even subterranean fires are covered.

How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home
How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home

How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home


Don’t wait until the damage occurs to gather insurance information and images and videos of your property and goods. Save this information and evidence safely somewhere you can reach it readily if you need to flee.

Taking video or images before a bush fire can help you and the insurance provider process your claim more swiftly.

Call to make sure you have appropriate coverage in case of a bush fire. Will your house building insurance cover a rebuild? Consider a policy with a “safety net” amount if building expenses rise due to increased demand for materials or new building requirements.

Remember that many insurances exclude coverage for bush/lalang fire damage if purchased within 30 days of the event. Many plans do not allow claims for wildfire damage within 72 hours of purchase, although some only allow claims within 48 hours.

How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home

Are you insured for bush/lalang fire ?

Do you have insurance to recoup damages and losses caused by bush fires?.

The most common policies are:

Home Building Insurance covers building demolition or damage.

Personal and household goods

Motor Vehicle Insurance covers cars, motorcycles, trailers, and caravans.


The initial step is to notify your insurers of your claim. Unsure if your claim is covered, file a claim and see what the insurance responds.

Note: If your policy documentation is lost or destroyed, don’t worry; insurance companies store records electronically and need the policyholder’s name and address to handle claims. Your insurer must send you a copy and may have them online.

How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home
How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home
How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home

IMPORTANT: Are you covered for temporary housing fees. 

Additional Policy Benefits explains this in more detail.

The insurance will send an adjuster to inspect the damage and gather information to determine coverage. During natural disasters like bush fires, this may take time. 

Always remember that your safety comes first. Only enter damaged buildings if safe. Always follow emergency service directions.

Next, you must safeguard your possessions. you take reasonable precautions to prevent further damage. Suppose you can protect your property from other loss, such as tarping exposed items or placing it undercover. The document includes images, receipts, and council or local emergency service directives.

Take photos of damaged things and buildings to help you keep track of your losses.

Document everything and try to gain the insurer’s authorization before disposing of anything because it is a safety issue.

You should be aware of your insurer’s entitlement to inspect your property and decide who should repair/rebuild/replace what. Before beginning any work, you should consult with your insurer.

How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home

Note: An insurer may want you to make a room-by-room inventory of damaged property. If you lose everything, ask them to pay your entire insurance amount. If they insist on a listing, ask why and seek guidance.

May determine a person to be accountable for igniting the fire. While your insurance may not cover your entire loss, you may wish to gather documentation of a court case, investigation or open another source of compensation.

The sorts of risks or insured events covered by insurance plans differ from Policy to Policy, as do the occurrences or losses excluded. Ensure you read your policy and understand your coverage to obtain your may not get all your losses paid.

Many insurance packages cover bush fires/lalang destroy to your home. However, what is covered and in what circumstances may be limited.

Common flaws include:

Bush fires that occur during the first 48 or 72 hours after purchasing the policy are usually not covered e.g., you just leased the property or changed policies from another insurer without lapsing and for the same cover.

No flame or burning building within 10 yards of your home means no scorching, burn marks, or melting damage.

until your buildings or stuff have caught fire

The policy’s terms determine the extent of your cover.

Many policies also require you to take precautions to avoid loss, such as sweeping gutters to lessen the danger of embers carried by the wind setting fire in the leaves. No need to endanger your health or safety or break local planning restrictions. What is reasonable can be disputed, especially if the fire was unexpectedly severe.


Often, the insurer has the right to decide whether to repair, replace, or payout. You can try to negotiate when they ask how you want to settle.

Accepting a cash settlement offer requires extreme caution. In your negotiations, keep in mind:

If an insurer decides to repair or rebuild, they are responsible. Insurers guarantee their work. They also manage the sometimes tricky repair process. Sometimes the repair costs are unknown so it is best to agree for a cash settlement and hire your repairer, you will be responsible for any issues arising from the repair quality.

Get your quotes to ensure the amount offered is reasonable. Repair/rebuild/replacement quotes obtained by the insurance company may not be accurate. Before settling on a final amount, you must carefully consider this sum.

You may receive store credit instead of cash if your policy allows it. If the policy does not allow store credit, you can request some money instead. However, the insurer may reduce your cash settlement below the stated value of the store credit. As policies vary, seek advice.

Determine whether you’re settling the entire claim or just a portion of it. You may have “Additional Benefits” on your building and contents insurance. Make sure you know what your policy covers.


Your home building and contents policy may cover additional costs such as emergency/alternative housing, debris removal and demolition, architects, surveyors, and legal fees.

Can add these benefits to your insurance coverage. So, before accepting any claim settlement, make sure you are entitled to more than your sum insured due to additional benefits cover.


If you can no longer live in your home, contact your insurer to see if you have temporary housing entitlements and for how long.

A clause to note whether covers you for temporary housing is:

the insurer will pay for comparable housing for up to 12 months while your building is rebuilt or repaired.”


Insurance policies for temporary/emergency housing vary. Examples:

Exact percentage (e.g., 10%) of the policy value that your insurer will cover you for temporary/emergency accommodation;

Assuming your insurer will cover “reasonable costs.”

Limitations on time: Some policies limit the amount of time you can claim for emergency lodging.

Warning: Your insurer may put you in an expensive temporary property that quickly depletes your accommodation allowance. If rebuilding your home will take 12 months, you will need a long-term housing solution.


Debris removal and land clearing can be expensive.

Check what types of “debris” are covered. For example, the policy may not cover trees, shrubs, and plant debris.

For example, your policy may cover “Removing buildings and contents debris from your risk address.”

Although not listed as “buildings or their contents,” trees and plants are not listed as “buildings.”

If you need help reading a policy, please contact your agent or the insurer.

How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home
How to claim bush/lalang destroy your home


Most home building insurance policies cover the costs of architects, surveyors, and legal fees associated with rebuilding or repairing damaged buildings.

If you’re not sure, look for a clause in your policy that says something like this:

“We will pay for a reasonable architect, surveyor, and legal fees. Ten percent of your building’s insured value.”


Events such as bush fires, local governments often introduce new regulations and fire safety standards; the authority may have implemented new rules since you built your home.

Do your policy cover these costs? A clause to watch out for is:

It includes “any additional costs required to comply with government or local authority by-laws.”

Will likely cover additional Additional compliance costs if your policy replaces your property “like new” or “total replacement cover.”


If you need cash urgently, your insurer must expedite your claim and make an advance payment within five business days. The insurer may deducted any advance payment from your claim total.

If a bush fire affects your family, you can request the government for an emergency aids. Contact your bank immediately to help you if you have a house loan.

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