Claim insurance damage on fallen tree and branches

Claim insurance damage on fallen tree and branches. The atmospheric warm has gradually increased the earth temperature by a few degrees over 5 decades. It is mainly due to the massive deforestation by human economic activities. Having said this, Malaysian generally does not like to plant the tree around their house compound. They often worry about who is going to pay for their property damage due to the fallen tree or branches? Is it a naive question?Claim insurance damage on fallen tree and branches 1

Neighbor’s fallen tree

” Jamin, my neighbor house damaged by his own fallen tree last night during the heavy downpour coupling the strong wind, very fortunate, the tree does hit my root, otherwise I will sue him for compensation. Anyway, he deserved it as I did warning when we moved into our new house.” he sarcastically told me in the afternoon high tea.

” Peter, don’t be so mean to your neighbor, did you help him to clear the debris removal of the fallen tree?

“Sorry, it is none of my business, he asked for it.”

“Peter, your neighbor does he claim his fire insurance”

“Jamin, you mean we can claim fire insurance? What does the fallen tree have anything to with it?

“Yes, of course, did you remember when my house’s one of the Rhur trees big branches hit my rooftop during the last month strong wind?.

“Yes, I do”

“Ask your neighbor to contact me if he needs a helping hand.”

My own fallen tree

It was in 2014, my family slept around midnight after outstation long distance travel. I heard a loud noise hitting my roof echo silence night. We took no notice of it and continuing our sleep.

The next morning, we discovered that one the 2 feet in diameter branches with almost 30ft long hit the edge of the roof. We suffered no injury.

My family panicked. I told my son took the from Canon camera out from the dry box with the 18-200mm zoom len.

I took the fallen branches from the main trunk and the damaged roof of the various position including the close-up images.

The logger cut the branches with the removal of branches debris.  I called a handyman to repair the damaged edge roofing. Since it occurred on Saturday, in order to mitigate the further loss, I immediately instructed them to do within a day.

On Morning day I informed the insurer about the loss claim. They formed me the fire insurance claim form.

Claim Documents 

I submitted the following the documents to claim the loss due to fallen branches.

1.) The duly completed claim form signed by me.

2.) All the images snapped by me and I emailed to the insurer.

3.) The original bills of repairing roofing, the sawing of the 2 ft diameter log and the removal of the debris of the branches and broken tiles.

4.) I photocopied of my bank account.

Claim Approved

After one week, I received the approval offer letter RM (4750-250) = RM4 500.00 for the final settlement. A few days later, I checked my bank account, the insurer had already bank in the claim amount.  In less than 14 days, my claim was all settled.


Rate: 0.010%

By paying an additional premium, the insurer shall extend to include loss or damage to the property to walls, gates, and fences around directly resulting from damage by falling trees or branches and objects.

The insurer shall be borne an excess of RM250.00 of each and every claim as ascertained after the application of any condition of average.

Applying all the policy incorporated herein. Any loss or damage shall be deemed to be a loss or damaged by fire.

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Claim insurance damage on fallen tree and branches 2

Storm and tempest cover house on Fire insurance

Storm and tempest cover house on Fire insurance. I was away for 2 months having a tour to Sarawak state during the Chinese New Year. I had a good time at the Kapit for a cool forest stay and Sibu for the Foochow-style cooking steam fish. The Kanowit town for the longhouse stays etched in my memory.  Kuching snapping scenic sunset pictures of thousand at the waterfront.

One of my old buddies called to me when I back to Johor.

Storm and tempest cover house on Fire Insurance

“Jamin, did you receive my WhatsApp video on the zinc roof dangling dangerously at my 2 story factory?

“Mr. X, when and how it happens?

“The windblown off the zinc roof on 14 Feb night, I discover the next morning?

“Did you do any repair?

“No, I make inquiries with one insurer’s branch manager and another veteran agent with 3 decades of insurance experience. Both agreed that it is not payable.”


“As the zinc roof still dangling by the side of the wall, the workmanship or rather upkeep or maintenance shall not be payable in the fire insurance policy.

What is Storm and tempest cover house on Fire insurance?

“Don’t worry, please email the policy jacket to me, after reading throughout the policy, I shall advise you what to do.” I consoled him

After study the policy content, I called Mr. X

“Please get a handyman to repair the zinc roof immediately to mitigate further loss. Also, get the repair bill for claim purposes. Meanwhile, I shall liaise with the insurer for the claim form and information about the loss claim. Even though it is almost two months have lapsed, you’re still entitled to the genuine claim.

Claim approval under storm and tempest cover 

I helped the insured to complete the claim form, and enclosed the repair invoice via registered post to the insurer. 2 weeks later the claim was approved less excess of RM200.

The insured called me for a meal and asked me how I did it, why others gave the negative feedback answer. In this stage, I reserved my comment because the 2 persons mentioned earlier were also my friends. One of them happened to me, my insurance mentor when I joined this industry.

What are Storm and Tempest in Fire Insurance ?

A storm is defined as a violent atmospheric disturbance that produces severe winds, accompanied by rain, snow, or hail or by thunder and lightning.

A tempest is an exceptionally severe storm. Do we still recall the British hurricane of October 1987?

Storm and Tempest cover means to you

A storm or tempest damages your property.  You are protected against the potentially very costly repairs. In the above case, if the insured does not repair the zinc roof, gradually, the wiring system will get wet and soak in the rainwater.  A short circuit will prevail soon causing more damages and lead to a huge claim. Do you want it, of course not?  Nevertheless, prevention is better than cure.  The insured pays an extra premium, has peace of mind.


Storm and Tempest cover allows you to claim for damages that occur due to a severe weather event. It includes damage to the building structure or to items within the building damaged by the storm.  For example office equipment affected by a leak from, or collapse of, an otherwise sound flat roof. Do you want to undergo a major repair of your roof? Of course not, it is advisable to pay an extra premium to have such extensive coverage.

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Air Transportation Linear Accelerator Ex USA after 9/11

How to underwrite the Air transportation Linear Accelerator Ex USA after 9/11? I was in Kuantan port at that particular time for being part of the team of investigating shipment from Indonesia being hijacked. Lloyd Intelligence mid-ocean satellite AIS coverage detected the ship was abandon at the Kuantan port minus cargo.

Back to the hotel for a rest, there was an email pops up in the inbox requesting me to underwrite a shipment of air cargo. Why me again? Totally exhausted for the past 4 days with a few hours of sleep, I slept like a log until the next day.

Linear Accelerator

The USA’s manufacturer supplied me the detail specification of the medical equipment. What is Linear Accelerator? A linear accelerator (LINAC) is the customized medical equipment. It produces high energy x-rays or electrons to conform to a tumor’s shape.  It can destroy cancer cells while sparing surrounding normal tissue.

The danger of X-ray

X-rays and electrons are classified as dangerous material. The terrorists can use it to make dirty bombs.  X-rays can cause mutations in our DNA. It might develop cancer in later in life. For this reason, X-rays are classified as a carcinogen by both the World Health Organization (WHO). The possibly at low doses, radiation might increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and some other non-cancer diseases. The long term effect might inherit down to the third generation.

I emailed the party for the following detail before I can issue their air cargo policy with terrorism clause.


1. A copy of product liability. 2. The size of the unit load container. 3. How to pack the equipment? The prevention measure for the leakage of x-ray. 4. Any depletion of uranium after constant use of the linear accelerator? 5. How to dispose of the balance dosage?

Risk Management Visualization

The ong wait for 2 hours in the hotel indeed killing me. My mind occupied with the full the images and video clip. The collapsed of the Twin Towers of the
World Trade Center like a match box with people jumping off from the window for the precious life. My memory etched with the horror of the dead bodies strewn on the debris. What was the probability of terrorist attack for another passenger plane after 9/11? If the plane was shot down, the catastrophic impact on the people around the zone area? Accept or decline the risk.?What is the precaution step is taken if I accepted the risk.? If I decline the risk can they find another underwriter in a short span of time? The plane would take off in the next 12 hours.

Upon receiving the full detail of my request, I issued the policy. The additional clause with an extra premium for the sum insured of RM (Malaysian Ringgit) 12 000 000.

Policy Issued
  • ICC (Air)
  • Terrorism Extension Clause:  It is agreed and understood that subject to the Insured having paid the agreed additional premium, this Policy shall be extended to cover the Insured’s liability for claims made against the Insured for the bodily injury of and or property damage to any third party at the specified premises directly caused by any terrorist organization. This clause is subject otherwise to the terms, conditions, and exceptions to this Policy.

A.) 2 armed air marshals on the plane to escort the cargo from the USA to Singapore Airport.

B.) Another 4 plain armed escorts to accompany the conveyance from Singapore to a designated hospital in Malaysia during the off-peak period.

C.) A compliment Public liability policy with the Terrorism extension clause.

All the term and conditions were complied with, the consignment arrived sound.  A few years later, the fungal infected the 2 units of medical equipment as the hospital had not found suitable professional personnel to handle the equipment.

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Air Transportation Linear Accelerator Ex USA after 9/11 4

Bank misrepresents consumer putting insurer at risk

Bank misrepresents consumer putting insurer at risk. The bank is making an excess profit out of ignorance consumer’s expenses and putting the insurer at risk especially in the underdeveloped nation. There is a lack of the law and regulation to govern the bank activity.

Freight Forwarder.

The freight forwarder besides handling the logistic of the client’s cargo, also,  advises the purchase of marine insurance. Batu Pahat manufacturers imported textile cotton yarn from Taiwan and Pakistan.  Export the garment and knitted apparel to Europe and North America respectively via Singapore port.  When the import shipment arrived at the port,  after the customs’ inspection, the FCL was then break bulk into 20′ or 40′ lorry before conveyance to its destination.

2 Insurance Policies

One need to have the bill of lading, invoice, packing list, insurance policy and the customs’ form for customs declaration purpose. I often noticed that there were 2 insurance policies enclosed.

Bank misrepresents

I later found out the reason for 2 policies coverage for the same consignment.  When the bank issued a letter of credit. It also helped customers to buy the marines policy. The 1st policy was to cover for the sea voyage and the 2nd policy for inland transit after Singapore customs’ clearance at the destination, the local practice for years.

Claim repudiate

One importer purchased mainly on Fob term, there was another policy from a local insurer to cover the inland transit. It protected her shipment from accident damage. She did not want to repeat the same ill fate as her elder brother.


The electronic part imported from Taiwan totally damaged at the midway to the factory. The insurer repudiated his claim stating the coverage only up to port only, and not to his factory.

” This is weird, I am sure you know XYZ company, we pay the full claim for the electronic part that accidentally damaged at the highway,” I explained to my potential client.

” Oh… you are only to handle the marine insurance for them. When are you free to drop by my office to discuss the cargo insurance?”

International Trade term

If you buy on a CIF term, it is fine with the same insurer for 2 separated policies. Buy on FOB term, there is a foreign insurer to cover the sea voyage. The local insurer has a disadvantage covering the inland transit. Who knows if there is any invisible damaged during the sea adventure.  The best advice to have the cargo thoroughly examined before loading.

There is a charge of opening a letter of credit, another 2 insurance premiums to pay. Thus the bank is making an excess profit out of the client’s ignorance.

The solution

I advised all my clients for both the importer and exporter for CIF term. The “Warehouse to warehouse clause” must insert into the policy.  It must an All risk or ICC “A” to protect themselves, It is also a win-win situation for both insured and insurer. It saves a substantial amount of insurance premium. Also, it is much more convenient to deal one insurer and not two. No more any finger-pointing when a claim occurs.

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