How to claim impact damaged by another car or your vehicle

How to claim impact damaged by another car or your vehicle

How to claim impact damaged by another car or your vehicle. A  plunging palm oil truck tanker crashed into the front portion of the house, causing severe impact damage to the hall, situated beside the main road. Who to claim for impact damage? Nowadays, commonly seeing your home crashed by road vehicle, it highlighted in the daily newspaper.

Claim impact damaged by another car or your vehicle

Impact Damage is defined as, loss of or visible physical damage to a home, with the or destruction caused to the property insured, due to impact by any Rail/ Road vehicle or animal by direct contact not belonging to or owned by

a) Insured or any occupier of the premises or

b) Employees while acting in the course of their employment.

How to claim impact damaged by another car or your vehicle
How to claim impact damaged by another car or your vehicle

On my way to Johor Bahru via the country road instead of NS highway, enjoying the clean and fresh air drive along the row of green oil palm plantation dotting a skeleton of Felda scheme houses along the way.

“Bang….Bang….Bang” Startling to hear a loud voice disruption, the echoed silence of the scorching sultry afternoon. The loaded tank full of palm stearin had rammed downhill into a house, carpeting the whole front hall yellowish and spilled onto the ground.

Curiously dashing out from the kitchen, a retiree couple clad into their “sarong” trying to investigate the outcome, I too dashed down to help to pull out the driver that stuck in the driver seat, suffered a minor injury with the bruise on the hand and forehead, dumbfounded and speechless. Advising the driver to lodge a police report, consequently, soon the venue gathered with people, after the brouhaha, nobody had an idea how to handle the situation.

To Whom Can We Claim Impact Damage

How to claim impact damaged by another car or your vehicle
How to claim impact damaged by another car or your vehicle

The main question here was as to whom we shall claim for the impact damage to the house. I had asked so many people in the seminar or even at the scene.

“Claim from the truck insurance?” All replied me such an answer, similarly, for the elder couple’s son too.

“Can you show your house fire insurance, please? I asked the son. Examined the coverage detail closely, I assisted him in calling the insurer’s adjuster to survey the hall damage to ascertain the loss of the property.

To their dismay,” why not claim the truck insurance, i.e., thirty party claim.” Yes, indeed, it is logical to file a third-party claim.

Third-party claim

The cons

  • How long to wait for the thirty-party claim?
  • Why enrich the lawyer’s pocket?
  • Do you know when the motor adjuster will finalize the accident report?
  • To what extent can we claim the emotional damage?
  • It is time-consuming to attend the court hearing postponed one after another.
  • Can you afford to keep on applying for unpaid leave?
  • Not afraid of your house being burglarized? You prefer to wait for three months or 2 to 3 years to reconstruct your home.
  • Cover the shortfall after deduction of 20% of the legal fee. If the insurer pays you $100 000 to reinstate the hall, Can you make up another $20 000.00 shortfalls to rebuild the damaged property?
Fire or Homeowner Insurance

Having a house owner or fire insurance with an extent of impact damage excluding the insured’s vehicle, you claim directly with the insurer submitting the original police report, photograph before and after damage, and of course, the plan and construction bill. If your house is adequately insured, no average will apply; you will reimburse fully.

After signing the subrogation claim letter, let the insurer deal with the faulty party rampage your house. It solves all your teething problems and subsequently saves a hefty amount of litigation fees.

Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage Protection to Property

Riot, Strike, and Malicious Damage Protection to Property

Riot, Strike, and Malicious Damage Protection to home. In a nutshell, a riot is, at least three persons are present in one venue.

Gather for a common purpose.

Execute or inception of the common aim.

Assist mutually one another by force, if necessary, in the execution of the common purpose.

Display forcibly and violence to alarming one person of reasonable firmness and courage.

Malicious Damage

Malicious Damage covers the non-fire Damage acted by a person acting out of personal malice instead of a large group. Nevertheless, the riot coverage formed part of malicious damage.

Virtually, a malicious person with the sole intention to damage your property, e.g., spraying acid or paint.

A malicious act caused by anyone committed during a disturbance of the public peace, resulting in the physical loss or damage yielding a fruitless result. Who is the victim? Often the public needs to pay a hefty high loss of money and endless emotional Damage. Loss caused by sabotage and terrorism with the use of force or violence. Regardless of the purposes, it could be political, religious, or ideological motivated to influence any government and put the public in fear.

Nowadays, political turmoil in so many parts of the world, coupled with the anti-vaxxer, riot, strike, and malicious is rampant. During the Covid-19 lockdown, people suffer high anxiety and depression. Thus, people taking the law into his hand. Rioters march in a crowd to the public to demand their freedom right. No one is right or wrong. The public speaks out their frustration with the government handling the pandemic and high employment.

Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage Protection to Property
Riot, Strike, and Malicious Damage Protection to Property

How long is the economic and pandemic will be over? No one knows it. How shall we protect our property against riot, strike, and malicious damage? The Hudson choice to buy insurance to protect our home and merchandise.

How to protect our property from riots, strikes, and malicious damage?

When a disaster strikes on your house, you’re the social status in the community, indeed a misfortune, so how shall we overcome it? Depend on a handout from the concerned authority or seeking a public donation. Notwithstanding, Self-help is a wise idea.

The preferred solution by examined your fire or householder or house owner policy closely. Finally, contributed an insignificant sum of the premium and have a peaceful mind. In the end, an insurer shall pay any physical damage or loss due to riot provided strike, riot, and malicious damages inserted as an extension clause. Terminated the countless sleepless nights and pointless to save a penny, you ultimately lost an arm and leg when a riot occurred.

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Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage Protection to Property

Riot, Strike, and Malicious Damage to Good

Let put out a scenario, an exporter stuffed their produce in the FCL, as the space constraints in the factory premises. The container parked at the public road facing the building, within the view of the 24 hours security guard.

Well, in another case, an importer due to the closing of the unloading bay closed after 6 pm, the workers had gone home for the day. Consequently, on seeing this situation, the hauler company left the FCL container opposite the road.

Will the insurer repudiate the claim if the rioters damaged part of the consignment cover under the ICCC “A” clause for both cases?


What about land transport like car, low-loader, forklift. Excavator, motorcycle, Is riot cover such movable automobile?.

A riot occurs; how can we protect the merchandise from riot? How shall we deal with this kind of situation? Reader, please share your view and comment!. Humbly, I sincerely appreciate your time for writing your opinion or words. Let us share the knowledge in this forum together.