A Palm Oil Lorry Tanker Crashed Into Your House Can We Claim Fire Insurance?

A Palm Oil Lorry Tanker Crashed Into Your House Can We Claim Fire Insurance?

Plunging palm oil lorry tanker crashed into the front portion of the house causing severe impact damage to the hall, situated beside the main road, whom to claim for impact damage? Nowadays, commonly seeing your house crashed by road vehicle, it highlights in the daily newspaper.

What is Impact Damage?

Impact Damage defined as, Loss of or visible physical damage to home, with the  or destruction caused to the property insured, due to impact by any Rail/ Road vehicle or animal by direct contact not belonging to or owned by

a) Insured or any occupier of the premises or

b) Employees while acting in the course of their employment.

On my way to Johor Bahru via the country road instead of NS highway, enjoying the clean and fresh air drive along the row of green oil palm plantation dotting a skeleton of Felda scheme houses along the way.

“Bang….Bang….Bang” Startling to hear a loud voice disruption the echoed silent of scorching sultry afternoon.The loaded tank full of palm stearin had rammed downhill into a house, carpeting the whole front hall yellowish and spilled onto the ground.

Curiously dashing out from the kitchen, a retiree couple clad into their “sarong” trying to investigate the outcome, I too dashed down to help to pull out the driver that stuck in the driver seat, suffered a minor injury with the bruise on the hand and forehead, dumbfounded and speechless. Advising, the driver to lodge a police report, consequently, soon the venue gathered with people, after brouhaha, nobody had an idea how to handle the situation.

To Whom Can We Claim

Now, the main question here was as to whom we shall claim for the impact damage to the house. I had asked so many people in the seminar or even at the scene.

“Claim from the lorry insurance?” All replied me such an answer, similarly, for the elder couple’s son too.

“Can you show your house fire insurance, please? I asked the son. Examined closely the detail of the coverage, I assisted him to call the insurer’s adjuster to survey the hall damage to ascertain the loss of the property.

To their dismay, ” why not claim the lorry insurance i.e. thirty party claim.”  Yes, indeed, it is logical to file a third party-claim.

Third party claim

The cons

  • How long to wait for the thirty party claim?
  • Why enrich the lawyer’s pocket?
  • Do you know when the motor adjuster will finalize the accident report?
  • To what extent can we claim the emotional damage?
  • It is time-consuming to attend the court hearing postponed one after another.
  • Can you afford to keep on applying for unpaid leave?
  • Not afraid you house being burglar into? You prefer to wait for 3 months or 2 to 3 years to reconstruct your house.
  • Cover the shortfall after deduction 20% of the legal fee. If the insurer pays you $100 000 to reinstate the hall, Can you make up another $20 000.00 shortfalls to rebuild the damaged property?
Fire or Homeowner Insurance

Having a house owner or fire insurance with an extent of impact damage excluding insured’s own vehicle, you claim directly with the insurer submitting the original police report, photograph before and after damage, and of course the plan and construction bill. If your house adequately insured, no average will apply, you will reimburse fully.

After you sign the subrogation claim letter, let the insurer deal with the faulty party rampage your house. It solves all your teething problems and subsequently saves a hefty amount of litigation fee.

The following episode, the same insurer, the same occupations, with  2 different agents, 2 different treatments, will unfold.

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16 replies to “A Palm Oil Lorry Tanker Crashed Into Your House Can We Claim Fire Insurance?”

  1. This is a very informative and great post that let me know clear information about how to claim the insurance while this happen. Great!

  2. Wow. I hope no one got hurt. Looks like the driver took a lot a hard hit on this accident.
    Personally, I don’t like dealing with insurance company. It takes a lot of process and time before you can settle your claim.

    1. The freak accident does happen all the times. whether you like it or not, insurance is part and parcel of your life, no escape. Learn how deal with it.

  3. Hello Wong, this is the kind of incident that we all desire to never have to deal with. Yet we all know that life happens. Yet it is amazing that however much precaution and protection we take out, (should in case), people are still left unsure in a given event.

    In the case you highlighted above for most people, the thought would be the ‘offender’ the lorry company. It’s only when you think about it, you think why 3rd party and not your own insurance company. That’s what you are paying them for. Thanks.

    1. It is best to claim your own insurance. Claim your own insurance faster and solving all the problems.
      thanks for reading my article and comments

  4. I saw a similar story on the news yesterday. a truck had lost controlled somehow and drove into a residential house and was a few feet from crashing into a cot. Not only was I thinking how lucky the family were but also do they have insurance, and even the right insurance?

    Thanks for sharing this information.

  5. What an eye-opening article. That lorry tanker looked like it created some SERIOUS damage, and I won’t be surprised if anyone came out of that uninjured. However, your thorough description about how the insurance goes about doing things really caught my eye. You don’t think much stuff happens behind the scenes, but it really does.

    Thanks a lot, buddy!


    1. Thanks for reading my article and posted your comment. I really appreciate it. I am very cool and calm when dealing with this kind of situation because I have met twice a car accident that plunged into a ravine and another was I was a passenger of my own lorry, A truck carrying sand crushed from behind, our lorry rolling over a few times and turtle landing into a big monsoon drain. Both of the timesI crawled out with minor injury.

      My sober and calmness due to my nature of my work being a qualified marine adjuster.

  6. Very nasty situation indeed. I guess that is the great thing about having insurance in place. Thank you for the great advice too as there is often so much time and effort to organise these things, that it may be much simpler for your own insurance company to deal with it, perhaps with the other party’s insurance company.

    1. Thanks for reading my article and your valuable comment. Yes, I agreed with you, it is better to deal with your own insurer rather than third party claim insurance.

  7. Hi,
    Very informative article. Thank You. Thank God for insurance. It is true that accidents happen and they can’t be helped so having insurance and knowing how to go about making a claim is very important.

    1. thanks for reading my article and posted a comment here. It is better to make sure to get the right type of insurance in the event f claim. Less hassles.

  8. Dealing with insurance companies always gives me a headache. This article helps clear some of that up so I know more of what I am dealing with.

    1. Thanks for reading my article and comments. Dealing with insurance claim need patient and understand of the cover and its exclusion.

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