How to buy car insurance online Malaysia Free Premium Calculator

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How to buy car insurance online Malaysia free premium calculator.

Types of Car Insurance Cover in Malaysia

CoverThird Party CoverThird Party, Fire & Theft CoverComprehensive Cover
Liabilities to the third party for:
  • Injury
  • Death
  • Property Loss / Damage
Loss/damage to own vehicle due to accidental fire/theft
Loss/damage to own vehicle due to accident
Liabilities to driver & passengers of own vehicle (passengers, bodily injury, death)


It is compulsory by law to buy a car insurance before your car can renew the yearly road tax. 3 types of car policies for the selection namely Third Party, Third Party with Fire & Theft and Comprehensive coverage. Their differentiate as follows-

The Third Party is the cheapest. It protects only third party car damage, driver and its passenger body injury and death due to the collision.

The cheaper third party fire and theft cover your car accidental caught fire or stolen and any other third party claim.

Comprehensive insurance is the darling of any insurer gives you the best coverage among all three. It is the All Risk cover.  Its covers third party liabilities claim besides your own car either damage, fire or stolen. Body injury, death to you and your passenger are too covered provided that you also purchase driver and passenger insurance.

Bank Negara Malaysia and the General  Insurance Association of Malaysia determine the premium rate and are subject to review on a yearly basis.

With an additional premium, to cover your car’s windscreen, expensive audio equipment, damage caused by civil unrest and others.

Three main factors affecting the basic premium.

Location. East Malaysia basic rate is cheaper than West Malaysia due to the “Quality” of the road condition.

Sum Insured.  It can be an agreed value or market value. An agreed value: if your car is a total loss and your agreed value sum insured was RM100,000.  The insurer pays you the full amount RM100,000.00, no question asks. Market Value sum insured, there is a deduction when claim incurs after your new car is used on the road even for a single day. Another penalty clause applies if the car is under-insured.

Let say you are insured RM75,000.00 instead of RM100,000.00.  Claim RM50,000.  You get RM50,000 x 75/100 = RM37,00.00 instead of the Rm50,000.00. The difference of Rm12,500.00 being a penalty to you for under-insured your own car. It is unwise to save a tree when you lost a jungle.

Cubic Capacity:   your car engine size.

No-Claim Discount

No-Claim Discount if the driver has not claimed from their policy for previous years. Start from 25% to 55%.


Loading. that will increase the premium needed for insurance. These are factors have directly or indirectly contributed especially the third party claim the high loss ratio for the car insurance portfolio of an insurer. Loading is the discretion of the insurer. It can waiver for less claim of the insured or insured has a non-motor policy with them.

Age of Driver: Drivers aged above 18 but at less than 26 and above 69.

Age of Car: Cars above the age of 10.

Claims Experience: Frequency of claims made and quantum of the amount claim.

Reconditioned or Second Hand Vehicles:  Adjusters will evaluate the condition of reconditioned or used cars.

High-Performance or Sports Vehicles: High performance or sports vehicles will incur additional Loading.

High-Risk Theft Vehicle: (HRTV)Cars listed in the HRTV list will incur additional Loading.

Optional coverage for  comprehensive coverage

Windscreen:  this cover for the windscreen for repairs or replacement without affecting your No-Claim Discount.

Audio and Accessories: cover when your car accessories are damaged. the insurer pays for repairs or replacement without affecting your No-Claim Discount.

Special Perils: In the event, if your car is damaged by acts of nature such as Floods, Landslides, earthquakes, strike, riot and civil commotion plus and tsunami.

The number of Authorized Drivers:  You have to Additional premium for increased number of drivers on the policy. Named driver two persons are free. The third driver pays additional of RM10.00, and the same rate applies for the next subsequent.   Never accept All Rider policy.  It is a penalty of RM400.00 for any accident claim regardless the quantum of the claim amount. Your ignorance spent is the insurer’s save.

Number of Seats: Charged additional premium if the car is more than 5 seats.

Gas Conversion Kit and Tank: This is to cover for Natural Gas Vehicle kit and tanks.

Legal Liabilities to Passengers: your passenger sues you for negligence.

Legal Liabilities of Passengers: It covers legal liabilities of your passengers for negligence.

Compensation for Assessed Repair: It compensates for yours the time lost while the car is in the workshop.  Range from RM50 to Rm100 per day.   The insurer will need to approve a higher amount.

Please above click the link for the free premium calculator.

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All payment can be made use internet banking or interbank transfer to Axa Affin General Insurance Bhd MBB account no 5141 0520 6919 or pay by PayPal.  Please quote our agent code Mj32211 or contact us at +60 013 7839857 for any inquiries.