Need an insurance agent in the digital world

In this internet digital world, whatever information on the insurance subject can be found on the internet by the click of your finger. Do you really need an insurance agent in the digital world?  Many may think otherwise. Too many negative pictures painted on those earlier day insurance agent.

I remember vividly a joke during my 1st years on marketing insurance training.

Our local head (OCPD) and his deputy are always around on duty during the office hour. They fear no one right from the mafia, head of the gangster, drug lord, and money launderer.

” Sir, there is someone by the name of Mr. Ricky would like to see shortly.  He is on the way up the building”

” Is he an insurance agent wearing a spectacle with a fashionable tie.” The OCPD asked.

“Yes, Sir”

” On My God, tell him I am not around,” hurried he left the office as if there is a tsunami is going to sweep away his office.

“Mr. Ricky, my boss has left the office, he would not be back until tomorrow. Do you want to leave a message?

” Good Morning, Mr. OCPD, do you like a coffee to have with me? Mr. Ricky cornered him at the side door exist.

What is the moral of this joke?

Agents only want my money

When we think about insurance agents we often think about those slimy snack oil salesman we see in old movies. The initial contact with insurance agents, they would sell as many policies as possible TO SUCK  YOUR MONEY. The will become an invisible agent until the renewal date the next year.

The is how insurance agents are portrayed by the public. The Money Face.  But the reality is that agent is here to help to sort the right policy for you.  We are not God to predict what will happen to us and our family. Like the case of 2004 tsunami, although we have the latest technology to monitor the daily volcano activities, yet the tragedy still occurs.

You may have experienced an agent who only wants your money.On behalf of our industry, I apologize for their ignorance and selfishness. Agents help you make the right decision on a service that you were already going to buy. Give agents a chance and interview another so that you get what’s best for yourself.

It’s cheaper to go online or buy direct

An agent’s commission does not affect an insurer’s quote. It will be the same whether you go through the agent or directly to the company. Buying from an insurance agents or brokers,  however, may allow you to receive huge discounts that others do not offer.

Call the agent to get a quotation for you.  It saves your time from calling various insurers. The only true way for you to know is to get a quote.

Buying direct will help me cut out the middle man saving me time.

No one likes to deal with a middle man anymore. Call an agent to quote is quite frustrating not knowing how long it would take.

Get an online quote getting a lot of inquiries during your office working hour.  It interrupts your workflows. Your immediate superior will give you an unpleasant look.  You still need an agent for 2 reasons:-

1.) The agent will call and sort the best quotation for you from various insurer saving of your time be calling so many insurers. You just need to have an appointment with the agent after work or at the comfort of your home.

2.) Issues arise or a claim occurs, the agent can take care for you. It saves your time sitting on hold for long periods of time and being shuffled around from person to person to get your questions answered.

I don’t need an agent’s opinion – I know what I’m doing.

An agent can provide you with more than just quotes. Even with all the research online,  it takes a personal look each individual’s situation to derive a final sensible decision. Having a similar home, family size, and vehicle as your neighbor but have completely different insurance needs. An agent will help you find the right plan for you and avoid policies you do not need (yes you can buy policies you don’t need).

Even I had worked for an insurer for 6 solid years, the insurance industry is keeping changes like new regulations and rules were added.  Therefore all agents must attend compulsory on a yearly training of 30 HOURS  to update latest new amendment act. Having an agent inside would bring benefit to the insured.

You can choose to go direct instead of going through an agent but if you have someone on your side who can help you make the best decisions, save you money, provide you with tools and is free why would you not go with them? THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

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