Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage Protection to Property

Riot, Strike, and Malicious Damage Protection to Property

Riot, Strike, and Malicious Damage Protection to home. In a nutshell, a riot is, at least three persons are present in one venue.

Gather for a common purpose.

Execute or inception of the common aim.

Assist mutually one another by force, if necessary, in the execution of the common purpose.

Display forcibly and violence to alarming one person of reasonable firmness and courage.

Malicious Damage

Malicious Damage covers the non-fire Damage acted by a person acting out of personal malice instead of a large group. Nevertheless, the riot coverage formed part of malicious damage.

Virtually, a malicious person with the sole intention to damage your property, e.g., spraying acid or paint.

A malicious act caused by anyone committed during a disturbance of the public peace, resulting in the physical loss or damage yielding a fruitless result. Who is the victim? Often the public needs to pay a hefty high loss of money and endless emotional Damage. Loss caused by sabotage and terrorism with the use of force or violence. Regardless of the purposes, it could be political, religious, or ideological motivated to influence any government and put the public in fear.

Nowadays, political turmoil in so many parts of the world, coupled with the anti-vaxxer, riot, strike, and malicious is rampant. During the Covid-19 lockdown, people suffer high anxiety and depression. Thus, people taking the law into his hand. Rioters march in a crowd to the public to demand their freedom right. No one is right or wrong. The public speaks out their frustration with the government handling the pandemic and high employment.

Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage Protection to Property
Riot, Strike, and Malicious Damage Protection to Property

How long is the economic and pandemic will be over? No one knows it. How shall we protect our property against riot, strike, and malicious damage? The Hudson choice to buy insurance to protect our home and merchandise.

How to protect our property from riots, strikes, and malicious damage?

When a disaster strikes on your house, you’re the social status in the community, indeed a misfortune, so how shall we overcome it? Depend on a handout from the concerned authority or seeking a public donation. Notwithstanding, Self-help is a wise idea.

The preferred solution by examined your fire or householder or house owner policy closely. Finally, contributed an insignificant sum of the premium and have a peaceful mind. In the end, an insurer shall pay any physical damage or loss due to riot provided strike, riot, and malicious damages inserted as an extension clause. Terminated the countless sleepless nights and pointless to save a penny, you ultimately lost an arm and leg when a riot occurred.

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Riot, Strike and Malicious Damage Protection to Property

Riot, Strike, and Malicious Damage to Good

Let put out a scenario, an exporter stuffed their produce in the FCL, as the space constraints in the factory premises. The container parked at the public road facing the building, within the view of the 24 hours security guard.

Well, in another case, an importer due to the closing of the unloading bay closed after 6 pm, the workers had gone home for the day. Consequently, on seeing this situation, the hauler company left the FCL container opposite the road.

Will the insurer repudiate the claim if the rioters damaged part of the consignment cover under the ICCC “A” clause for both cases?


What about land transport like car, low-loader, forklift. Excavator, motorcycle, Is riot cover such movable automobile?.

A riot occurs; how can we protect the merchandise from riot? How shall we deal with this kind of situation? Reader, please share your view and comment!. Humbly, I sincerely appreciate your time for writing your opinion or words. Let us share the knowledge in this forum together.

How to protect a home against earthquake and volcanic eruption

How to protect a home against Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption

How to protect a home against earthquake and volcano eruption? Do you recall earthquake cracking its way into Malaysia soil?. Without any apparent warning sign, a magnitude size of 6.00 on June 5, 2015, erupted at Mt Kinabalu had rocked the nation off guard. The Sabah earthquake not only devoured 18 life but brought masses destruction to the infrastructure and building with estimated total damage to US$2.84 billion. Consequently, we are no longer living in the free earthquake zone. But fortunately, we do not have the volcano eruption occur here. Have you insured your home against the Earthquake and volcanic Eruption? Now, have you ever thought how to protect a home against earthquake and volcano eruption yet?


Not only in Malaysia, very frequency we hear the occurrence of earthquake associated with Tsunami globally. Also the volcano eruption, the oozing lava burned everything along its path.

The spillage of the volcano ashes would blanket the sky for month and years. All commercial aircraft ground on the ground. Not only suffer massive economic loss, but also causes hardship to the stranded passengers.

Nevertheless, it is not too late to review your home or fire insurance policy content. Please call your agent to pass endorsement for this clause if it is not covered. It is just a nominal sum to protect a home against earthquake and volcano eruption.

How to protect a home against earthquake and volcanic eruption
How to protect a home against earthquake and volcanic eruption

Home insurance Earthquake and Volcano Eruption

The earthquake and volcano eruption protect a home against all kinds of damages, including those arising directly or indirectly out of earthquakes,

tsunami or volcano eruptions including fire, explosion, landslide, and land collapse, including the foundations and retaining walls in the cover.

How to protect a home against earthquake and volcanic eruption
How to protect a home against earthquake and volcanic eruption


Additional earthquake and volcano eruption to protect a home


The following four items to cover the loss due to the cause of


The Volcanic Eruption means eruption,

explosion, or effusion of a volcano.

Any Sprinkler Leakage is resulting from Earthquake.

The Sprinkler Leakage resulting from Volcanic

Eruption. Volcanic eruption means the

The eruption, explosion, or effusion of a volcano.

All Earthquake shocks or Volcanic Eruptions

concurrently occurrence within 168 hours will constitute a single Earthquake or Volcanic Eruption.

The expiration of this policy will not reduce the 168 hours.

volcano eruption lava oozing out
volcano eruption lava oozing ou

Exclusion clause for earthquake and volcano eruption

The insurer shall not be liable for any damage arising out of the loss of insured items during fire and explosions caused by earthquakes or volcanoes.


Insurers are liable for damages over Total Loss occurrence in 72 hours, the period in damages caused by earthquake and volcano eruptions excluding fire.

The concrete building will attract a higher deduction than a wooden structure as the former razes to the ground completely. Nevertheless, it is unusual to have over $50 000 for any claim loss unless you can prove to the underwriter that the building will build to earthquake resistance proof-like in Japan. Sad to say that the Malaysian government’s lukewarm attitude, sitting in the comfort zone, has not acquired such enforcement skills.

Premium Rate: 0.010%

If you are insuring your commercial building for a sum insured of $2 million thus, the affordable premium is $200 per year. Why saves a penny now, spending a fortune later to reconstruct your sweet home later on?

How to protect a home against earthquake and volcanic eruption
How to protect a home against earthquake and volcanic eruption
Important to have Earthquake and Volcano eruption clause

Occasionally occurrence tremor on the Peninsular Malaysia hailing from large earthquakes in the Sumatran plate margin. The highest observation recorded VI on the Modified Mercalli (MM) scale. No exception to East Malaysia with the localized Earthquake rampages on properties damage and human casualties.

The peak VII on MM scale intensity earthquake on the Southern Philippine and in the Straits of Macassar, the Sulu, and the Celebes Sea had spilled over the Sarawak and Sabah.

The Earthquake occurs, the magnitude size is not a contributing factor for asunder destruction, but the population density and fire as a secondary event.

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How to Survive the Hurricane with 3 Tips for Safety?

How to Survive the Hurricane with 3 Tips for Safety? This is most worry by the people who live in the hurricane zone area. Firstly, what is Hurricane? In fact to survive the hurricane without hurt or emotion loss are utmost important. How can we confront the imminent Hurricane fast approaching to our door step? Equally important, the upfront preparation is the key factor for survival. Now let talk about on how to survive the Hurricane with 3 tips for safety.

As a matter of fact, Hurricane frequently lashes the coastal area, with ever-increasing speed and power has caused the loss of human life in third nation like Bangladesh, massive destruction to property and marine ship. Moreover, it uproot tree along its way, building collapse like a matchbox, flood inundate farmland perished crops and livestock. The economic loss could run into billions of dollars, and take year to restore the damages. 

What is Hurricane?

A hurricane is a tropical cyclone, with a low pressure system that generally forms the tropics. It accompanies by thunderstorms and, in the Northern Hemisphere, a counterclockwise circulation of winds near the earth’s surface. They are three types of Tropical cyclones namely: 

Tropical Depression
Is an organized system of clouds and thunderstorms with a defined surface circulation and maximum sustained winds of 38 mph (33 kt) or less? Coupled with a sustained winds are a 1-minute average wind measured at about 33 feet (10 meters) above the surface. While 1 knot = 1 nautical mile per hour or 1.15 statute miles per hour and is abbreviated as “kt”.

Tropical Storm

It is a strong thunderstorm with a defined surface circulation and maximum sustained winds of 39-73 mph (34-63 kt).

How to Survive the Hurricane with 3 Tips for Safety? 1

Hurricane How to Survive the Hurricane with 3 Tips for Safety

 An intense tropical weather system of strong thunderstorms with a well-defined surface circulation and maximum sustained winds of 74 mph (64 kt) or higher.

Classification of Hurricane

Firstly, we categorized Hurricanes according to the strength of their winds using the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale. A Category 1 storm has the lowest wind speeds, while a Category 5 hurricane has the strongest. These are relative terms, because lower category storms can sometimes inflict greater damage than higher category storms. It depend on where they strike and the particular hazards they bring. In fact, tropical storms can also produce significant damage and loss of life, mainly due to flooding.

Hurricane Names

When the winds from these storms reach 39 mph (34 kts), the cyclones are names. Years ago, an international committee developed names for Atlantic cyclones (The History of Naming Hurricanes). In 1979 adopted a six year rotating list of Atlantic storm names — alternating between male and female hurricane names. Storm names used to facilitate geographic referencing. For warning services, for legal issues, and to reduce confusion when two or more tropical cyclones occur at the same time. Through a vote of the World Meteorological Organization Region IV Subcommittee, Atlantic cyclone names retired usually when hurricanes result in substantial damage or death or for other special circumstances.

Before the Hurricane surviving 3 tips for Safety

In the first place, we need to prepare an adequate storage supply of meals and drinking water to keep our body and soul together.

Equally important to store at the least 2 weeks of canned food and mineral water.

In addition preserve headlamp, flashlights, candles and solar power bank with led light and compass and of course, not to forget your hand phone covered with waterproof casting within easy reach.

Likewise not only thoroughly examine your own home but also make the necessary repair for those unstable parts

Unpredictable future event, in the long run, we harvest the mature plants or crops. Similarly, keep live stock on a higher safety ground.

Correspondingly for the fisherman, anchor boats in a sheltered area to avoid blew off or boat draft to an open sea.

In the worst scenario if you needed to evacuate you sweet home, ensure that the house properly locked. Equally important to carry clothing, blankets, whistles, first aid package, solar power bank charge with hand phone, led head lamp and some dried food and mineral water and some petty cash and credit or debit card.

Stay indoors.

How to Survive the Hurricane with 3 Tips for Safety?
How to Survive the Hurricane with 3 Tips for Safety?

Listen constantly having the latest weather forecast announced government broadcast or any social media information.

Uniquely, boil water at least 20 minutes before drink it. Moreover, by boil the water it kills the water-borne bacteria that cause cholera outbreak. Furthermore, use lid to cover the water container or bottle. By the same token, saves some lighted candle or solar power packed emergency lamp. 

Do not wade floodwaters to avoid being electrocuted and avoid the water snake bite or water-borne diseases. Of course, best to paddle with a boat to across the water if necessary. 

If there is a need to move to an evacuation center, follow those instructions carefully. Again, evacuate calmly. Close the home windows padded locked the door switch off the main electricity fuse. All in all place essential home equipment and belongings on a high floor.

Equally important avoid wade through the fast swift following water. Not to forget make a communication plan on how to get in touch with family member. By the same token, ensure a venue to meet up if the smartphone is not working. Not to forget to note down the important emergency number if need arises.

After the hurricane Survive the Hurricane with Tips for Safety

Unfortunately, if hurricane ravage your private home to the ground. It is best seek shelter at the hotel on par standing with your home as to avoid conflict dispute on home insurance. In long run, it saves a lot of hassle and hectic dealing with insurer.

Return home only after authorities have given the green light announcing that your house suitable for dwelling. In essence, microscopic examinated the house not infested with water snake. Prevent is better than cure, in the same token, ensure that no wires immersed that can cause electrocution. It is better safe than to say sorry later stage. Further not to forget lodge a report of broken electrical cables and fallen posts to the concerned authority.

Discard the water stagnant in tires, cans or pots to avoid a breeding ground for mosquito that can cause dengue or malaria. Remember, preparedness is the key. Be smart and stay alert.

So, be warning, as the climate progressively warms with more powerful upward trends hurricane coupled with storm surge. Alarmingly, the research team found that future Hurricane could reach up catastrophic damage Category 5 storms. 
Apparently, with the earth becomes more warmer in the last century, the climate change coupled with melting of Iceberg at Greenland in a vast scale, we are expecting more frequent and intense hurricane that resulting massive destruction in the near future. In the near future as the hurricane strike our land become intensive and frequent, we must equipped our-self with the basic on how to survive the hurricane with 3 tips of safety.

How to Survive the Hurricane with 3 Tips for Safety?
How to Survive the Hurricane with 3 Tips for Safety?

Frequent Freak Storm Lashes Malaysia Home

Frequent Freak Storm Lashes Malaysia Home. On 13 March 2017 at 5 pm till 6 pm. The fallen tree branches damaged several cars. Some of the house with the roof gone missing after a severe storm so did the emergency room of the Kulai hospital.

The case is still fresh in my memory. In 2015, The freak storm badly damaged 266 homes. A lot of publicity by the concerned politician with donation thrown in for the ill-fated homeowners. Was the 1k donation enough to repair the damaged home?

At the scene to hear the feedback.

“Luckily, we got the donation from MP, otherwise I do not know what to do.” one voice from the crowd.

” Can we claim the insurance?”

“Fat hope, cannot unless fire burns the house.”

“I thought no need to buy the fire insurance since I had already settled the housing loan.”

“Why not the house owner insurance? a slash agent asked

“This time, I have to spend a fortune to repair the house, my kitchen roof had vanished, the water damaged all my kitchen electrical appliances.”

“You are so lucky, my house the whole roof being blown off.  A pool of water drenched my whole house. The uprooted tree in front my house damaged my car.”

After the brouhaha, life has to go on. There was a great demand of handymen. The repair workmanship had jacked up. They worked round the clock to repair all the house on the cash basis. No money no talk.

One house owner spent on the car porch only realise that insurer refused to pay the full claim even though 150k sum insured of his house. The average law applies in this case.


Where a Sum Insured is stated to be subject to average, this means that if at the time of Damage, the Sum Insured is less than the total value of the Property Insured, You will

(a) be responsible for the difference

(b) bear a proportionate share of the loss

To reinstate the house at the current price would be 300k. It was not wrong for the insurer paid him only 25k.

The calculation 150k/300k x 50k = 25k.

Average Clause

A term used when calculating settlement of a claim when the property insured at the time of the loss is of greater value than the Sum Insured.

In property insurance claim, the claim amount is limited to the sum insured noted on the policy.  The policyholder declared Value is the figure used to determine the premium applied to the policy.

A woman who low-cost house with a sum insured of 50k instead of 22k when she purchased the house. She had a home-owner policy although she finished paid her housing loan. The insurer paid her 8k+, it was out of her expectation. 3k for the roof damaged and another 5k for replacing a new wiring system as the old wire being soaked by the water. Dangerous to stay if short-circuit break out. She thanked me profusely for advising her earlier not to save this kind of money. A few hundred dollars for a month rental while her house being under repair condition.

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Frequent Freak Storm Lashes Malaysia Home 2

Bank Promotes Outdated Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance

Bank Promotes Outdated Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance.  Why is it so? The bank placed priority on their own interest first instead of the borrower on the housing loan. Too sad, the public willing to accept the bank offer and incorporated as part of the loan amount.

I came across a case in the rural area. It was a heartwrenching story during my course of study CII. By giving and help the need community I enhanced my insurance knowledge.

” Madam, why are selling cookies along the busy main road with 3 three kids in toll.” I inquiries with a sympathetic eye.

“Sir, it is my fate, I have a 4 school going children, besides my bedridden husband. Already 4 months passed, God willingI I hope he can recover soon. According to government specialist there 50% chance of recovery. He fell in the bathroom after coming home from factory working as an operator for the past 18 years.”

She showed me a letter from the bank stating that her husband needs to pay the arrear 3-month installments of housing loan, otherwise, their home for 9 persons will up for auction. She sobbed quietly behind the curtain.

” Does your husband purchase an investment link policy”

” Here it is ”

” It is mortgage reducing term assurance policy!” I advised her.

” How do I know? the bank asked me to pay the installments”

Likewise, it is same as my son case.

After securing my son loan from a bank, the loan officer asked my son to sign the mortgage reducing term loan form.

I asked her” if my son is bedridden, does he has to pay the housing loan installments?”

” Yes, of course” the loan officer replied.

” If my son after settling this loan, he want to have another second house, Does he need to buy another MRTA? ”

” Yes, of course”

The Cons of MRTA

No cash surrender value, no loan.

During you tenure loan period. If you need a small loan to cover your emergency fund due to short-term unemployment or hospitalization. You need 20 000 dollars. One need to present the original investment link policy to the insurance company, you will get the fund with 24 hours during the working day.  There is a small interest charge from 7-8% charge for the outstanding loan, but it is not compounding.

Bed-ridden, continue paying installment

Despite out of job due to illness, you still need to pay the installment. Coupling with the higher burden medical fee, no job. Can the borrower continue paying the loan installment?

TPD or Death

Can the survivor suffering TPD and the family living on fresh air and the sunshine? After paying the balance housing loan, you get the title out from the bank without any encumbrance. No cash in hand, eat bread and drink plain water? In the investment link policy, after paying for 15 years, and the housing loan balance let say 50,000 for another 5 years. If you are insured for 200,000 plus 15  years on dividend amounting to 96,000.00 The surviving family will get (200,000 + 96,000-50,000=246,000. In the case of MRTA, you only a title of the house for free staying, enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine.

MRTA Interest

The silent killer, since the whole premium at the inception date which is rather huge, in order not to add burden to the borrower. The bank sheds the crocodile tears by incorporated part of the loan installment. Another interest is added.

Buying a 2nd home

MRTA is not transferable, you need to have another policy for the 2nd housing loan. As one aged, the premium will be higher, even worse, whether you are insurable or not due to ill health. With the investment link policy, you need not buy another policy but a smaller amount of sun insured unless the 1st policy is insufficient to cover the 2nd home loan.

Critical illness

Unless the insured die of critical illness or natural death, the MRTA will response.  If you are suffering from 36 major critical illness for e.g cancer, you still have to serve your housing loan.

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Bank Promotes Outdated Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance 3

Meet Jamin

Meet Jamin

Born in a beautiful valley undulating Kluang town in the heart of Johor. There is 400 plus coffee shop with a population 300K+. People enjoying afternoon coffee drinking which was inherited by the British planters.

People drink coffee to awake the whole night either to burn the midnight oil for student or some unfinished task. But I don’t enjoy coffee.

Coffee a sleeping pill?

But I don’t enjoy coffee. Why? If I suffer insomnia, I would  drink coffee retired to bed and sleeping like a log till the next morning. Coffee is a sleeping pill to me.  It sounds weird to many including my family members and my best buddies in the campus.

I sip black tea to stay awake the whole night. Burning midnight oil prior to the examination never exists in my dictionary.

” Hi, buddy , did you see Jamin around? one of my buddies  asked another hotel inmate.

“Why?” my friend asked him.

” I need his help to solve the General Average calculation.”

” He has gone for movie show just now” he gave my friend a bewildered look.

Peculiar Way

Prior a day before the examination, I hardly do any revision.  It is a way to reward myself  for a 3 months preparation. Also, movie helps me to relax  my mind. Stree and tension will lower your score in the examination. This is my belief.

MY Journey

Joining the shipping department of one of the conglomerate group

of the company under Robert Kuok.  In order to excel in my work, I pursued the Chartered Institute of Transport (UK) majoring in shipping via self-study. This gave an opportunity for me to have a high tea with HRH Princess Anne when she officially declared open the 1st MRT of Singapore in Nov 1987. HRH gracefully shook hand with all the top experts of the shipping industry from Singapore and Malaysia, of course including me too.

Seeing the sunrise and never see the sunset in the evening after 10 years.  I left the industry and started my own logistics company.

4 years down the road, my business getting more stable. One

day, one of my secondary senior asked  me to join Malaysia British Assurance Bhd.  It later merged with Allianz General Insurance Company(Malaysia) Bhd to open the marine market for this establishment in 1994.

Acquired more knowledge in the general insurance.  I enrolled for the AAII, MII  and, ACII one after another associate examination by self-study.

Passed with flying color even though I still ran my logistics company in the morning. It was  my term and conditions before being an employee of the insurer.

Boss in the morning, Corporate Marketing personnel in the afternoon and self-study student in the night. I took 3.5 years to clear the 19 subjects instead of 4. Isn’t it a surprise ?

Only attend the 6 days study conducting by  MII on Marine Insurance and Marine Hull one month before the final day.  The secret weapon of mine uses the subconscious mind to study while you are sleeping.

I received a gold medal from our ex-central bank of Malaysia governor Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Dr. Zeti Akhtar Aziz for scoring Distinction in the ACII final paper Marine Underwriting and Claim. The only recipient for the graduation ceremony held in  PutraWorl Trade Centre at Kuala Lumpur.

The Central Bank of Malaysia gave a Marine Adjuster Licenced a year later.

Successful Claim on gray area
  • A UK life insurer paid the full amount RM32,000. and
  • RM2,700.oo interest incurred for the delay the settlement.  The insured canceled the life policy after 1.5 years.
  • A composite insurer settled the full amount RM75,000.00 on cash- less medical policy. It denied the claim due the insured taking the  slimming pill from a general practitioner. It is an exclusion clause in the policy.
  • The insured had 2 separated policies  from the same insurer covering both identical products and incident.  A daylight hijacking.  The Motorolla handphone microchip consignment worthed RM900,000.00 was hijacked in 10 minutes while the box van parked at the Plus highway resting area.  The insured willing to pay RM250,000.00 for settlement, but refused to pay another RM500,000.00 policy. Finally, both policies responded.
Coaching and Seminar

A facilitator for Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (FMM) for cargo insurance for shipper students. How to avoid subrogation clause to Pan-Malaysia Lorry Owner Association (PMLOA)?

I like to challenge the insurers on gray area on the claim matter. Keep learning and improving myself by sharing knowledge and coaching others examination candidates. It is my way of contributed back to the society.