Air Transportation Linear Accelerator Ex USA after 9/11

How to underwrite the Air transportation Linear Accelerator Ex USA after 9/11? I was in Kuantan port at that particular time for being part of the team of investigating shipment from Indonesia being hijacked. Lloyd Intelligence mid-ocean satellite AIS coverage detected the ship was abandon at the Kuantan port minus cargo.

Back to the hotel for a rest, there was an email pops up in the inbox requesting me to underwrite a shipment of air cargo. Why me again? Totally exhausted for the past 4 days with a few hours of sleep, I slept like a log until the next day.

Linear Accelerator

The USA’s manufacturer supplied me the detail specification of the medical equipment. What is Linear Accelerator? A linear accelerator (LINAC) is the customized medical equipment. It produces high energy x-rays or electrons to conform to a tumor’s shape.  It can destroy cancer cells while sparing surrounding normal tissue.

The danger of X-ray

X-rays and electrons are classified as dangerous material. The terrorists can use it to make dirty bombs.  X-rays can cause mutations in our DNA. It might develop cancer in later in life. For this reason, X-rays are classified as a carcinogen by both the World Health Organization (WHO). The possibly at low doses, radiation might increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and some other non-cancer diseases. The long term effect might inherit down to the third generation.

I emailed the party for the following detail before I can issue their air cargo policy with terrorism clause.


1. A copy of product liability. 2. The size of the unit load container. 3. How to pack the equipment? The prevention measure for the leakage of x-ray. 4. Any depletion of uranium after constant use of the linear accelerator? 5. How to dispose of the balance dosage?

Risk Management Visualization

The ong wait for 2 hours in the hotel indeed killing me. My mind occupied with the full the images and video clip. The collapsed of the Twin Towers of the
World Trade Center like a match box with people jumping off from the window for the precious life. My memory etched with the horror of the dead bodies strewn on the debris. What was the probability of terrorist attack for another passenger plane after 9/11? If the plane was shot down, the catastrophic impact on the people around the zone area? Accept or decline the risk.?What is the precaution step is taken if I accepted the risk.? If I decline the risk can they find another underwriter in a short span of time? The plane would take off in the next 12 hours.

Upon receiving the full detail of my request, I issued the policy. The additional clause with an extra premium for the sum insured of RM (Malaysian Ringgit) 12 000 000.

Policy Issued
  • ICC (Air)
  • Terrorism Extension Clause:  It is agreed and understood that subject to the Insured having paid the agreed additional premium, this Policy shall be extended to cover the Insured’s liability for claims made against the Insured for the bodily injury of and or property damage to any third party at the specified premises directly caused by any terrorist organization. This clause is subject otherwise to the terms, conditions, and exceptions to this Policy.

A.) 2 armed air marshals on the plane to escort the cargo from the USA to Singapore Airport.

B.) Another 4 plain armed escorts to accompany the conveyance from Singapore to a designated hospital in Malaysia during the off-peak period.

C.) A compliment Public liability policy with the Terrorism extension clause.

All the term and conditions were complied with, the consignment arrived sound.  A few years later, the fungal infected the 2 units of medical equipment as the hospital had not found suitable professional personnel to handle the equipment.

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10 replies to “Air Transportation Linear Accelerator Ex USA after 9/11”

  1. Interesting information. I knew things had changed dramatically after nine eleven, but I never thought what it meant for the field you are in.

    1. Thank for reading my article and giving me a valuable comment.
      Our life has changed tremendously after 9/11. I’m underwriting and claim for the general insurance industry.

  2. I never heard what happened from a person that saw, in reality, the aftermath of 9/11. Too bad to hear about the fungal infection. They spent so much on the equipment and yet it got destroyed due to a human factor. Have you ever created an insurance that had covered all the human factors incidents?

    1. Thank for reading my article and giving me a valuable comment. The medical equipment was later being cleared from fungal infection. Yes, there is professional indemnity cover for the professional like doctor, lawyer, and other highly trained personnel.In fact, I did sue an ENT specialist for wrongly operated in 2002.

  3. Sounds very interesting line of work you are in and looks like you have an in-depth knowledge of what you are talking about. I just finished work when I watched the Twin Towers collapse,,, it was a weird feeling.

    Interesting article.

    1. Thank for reading my article and giving me a valuable comment. My work is every day a new battled field to me with a lot of learning. Every day is not the same.

  4. Wow, great article. I’m actually learning a lot from your sharings. These precautions are truly helpful post 9/11. All companies are now very cautious which is very good to hear. Thanks for this and your very valuable help.

  5. Really an interesting article for me and I will googling more about insurance underwriter duties because I don’t know much about that. I had worked in ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory for 7 years so that I like the article part about the danger of X-Ray. Thank you for writing that article.

    1. Thank for reading my article and giving me a valuable comment.Yes, it is good that you had known the danger of x-ray, so that you can handle with care. Please share it out with your friends and colleagues.

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