Claim insurance damage on fallen tree and branches

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Claim insurance damage on fallen tree and branches. The atmospheric warm has gradually increased the earth temperature by a few degrees over 5 decades. It is mainly due to the massive deforestation by human economic activities. Having said this, Malaysian generally does not like to plant the tree around their house compound. They often worry about who is going to pay for their property damage due to the fallen tree or branches? Is it a naive question?Claim insurance damage on fallen tree and branches 1

Neighbor’s fallen tree

” Jamin, my neighbor house damaged by his own fallen tree last night during the heavy downpour coupling the strong wind, very fortunate, the tree does hit my root, otherwise I will sue him for compensation. Anyway, he deserved it as I did warning when we moved into our new house.” he sarcastically told me in the afternoon high tea.

” Peter, don’t be so mean to your neighbor, did you help him to clear the debris removal of the fallen tree?

“Sorry, it is none of my business, he asked for it.”

“Peter, your neighbor does he claim his fire insurance”

“Jamin, you mean we can claim fire insurance? What does the fallen tree have anything to with it?

“Yes, of course, did you remember when my house’s one of the Rhur trees big branches hit my rooftop during the last month strong wind?.

“Yes, I do”

“Ask your neighbor to contact me if he needs a helping hand.”

My own fallen tree

It was in 2014, my family slept around midnight after outstation long distance travel. I heard a loud noise hitting my roof echo silence night. We took no notice of it and continuing our sleep.

The next morning, we discovered that one the 2 feet in diameter branches with almost 30ft long hit the edge of the roof. We suffered no injury.

My family panicked. I told my son took the from Canon camera out from the dry box with the 18-200mm zoom len.

I took the fallen branches from the main trunk and the damaged roof of the various position including the close-up images.

The logger cut the branches with the removal of branches debris.  I called a handyman to repair the damaged edge roofing. Since it occurred on Saturday, in order to mitigate the further loss, I immediately instructed them to do within a day.

On Morning day I informed the insurer about the loss claim. They formed me the fire insurance claim form.

Claim Documents 

I submitted the following the documents to claim the loss due to fallen branches.

1.) The duly completed claim form signed by me.

2.) All the images snapped by me and I emailed to the insurer.

3.) The original bills of repairing roofing, the sawing of the 2 ft diameter log and the removal of the debris of the branches and broken tiles.

4.) I photocopied of my bank account.

Claim Approved

After one week, I received the approval offer letter RM (4750-250) = RM4 500.00 for the final settlement. A few days later, I checked my bank account, the insurer had already bank in the claim amount.  In less than 14 days, my claim was all settled.


Rate: 0.010%

By paying an additional premium, the insurer shall extend to include loss or damage to the property to walls, gates, and fences around directly resulting from damage by falling trees or branches and objects.

The insurer shall be borne an excess of RM250.00 of each and every claim as ascertained after the application of any condition of average.

Applying all the policy incorporated herein. Any loss or damage shall be deemed to be a loss or damaged by fire.

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Claim insurance damage on fallen tree and branches 2