How to claim Impact Damage by Insured Own Car

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How to claim Impact Damage by Insured Own Car

How to claim Impact Damage by Insured own car? What are we going to do? Do you want to make claim on the owner’s car insurance? There will be no claim discount for the upcoming car insurance renewal. What should the house owner do as the next best course of action? Are you repairing one’s own car and home out of one’s own pocket?


Impact Damage by insured own car

Nowadays, it is common for people to be distracted by their cell phones while driving. If a slip gets out of hand, it may accidentally collide with the insured house’s pillar or outbuilding. In most cases, the insured would have to pay for the repairs themselves. However, most people are unaware of house fire insurance or homeowner policies. Furthermore, the insurer or agent would not draw attention to the fine print of such a policy.

In the fine print of the policy, it read as follows”-

Impact Damage due to Insured’s Rail/Road Vehicles, Forklifts, Cranes, Stackers, and the like and articles dropped from there. “In consideration of an additional premium of RM._____________, it is now agreed and declared that the policy extended to cover loss and damage caused due to impact by direct contact to Insured’s property caused by Insured’s  Rail/Road Vehicles, Forklifts, cranes, stackers, and the like and articles dropped from that place.”

Impact Damage in the Wee hours of the morning

A loud “Bang Bang” broke the eerie silence of the moonshine night. After attending a relative’s wedding reception at a posh hotel, an elderly couple drove for over an hour. His white shirt had turned blood red due to the amount of blood oozing from his forehead. His wife, with a broken arm, begged her daughter for assistance.

Impact Damage by Insured own car

After crawling out of the vehicle, he discovered that the strong impact had destroyed the front auto gate; his car had rammed directly into the front broken brick wall. The main hall was partially damaged, with broken glass strewn all over the place.

“Oh my God,” Lina, get up!” The couple shook their daughter vigorously, but it was in vain. Lina and her companion were motionless in a pool of fresh blood.

How to claim Impact Damage by Insured Own Car
How to claim Impact Damage by Insured Own Car

They quickly summoned an ambulance, which arrived 15 minutes later. They were rushed to the hospital by paramedics. Fortunately, their younger son was in the backroom and was unharmed. He was shocked when he saw the chaos in the hall. In sixth and seventh grades, students are unsure of the next course of action to take. A freak accident like this does happen; the general public would panic.

Take pictures of the Impact Damage Scene.

The insured is required to file a police report right away. Attempt to limit further loss by guarding the house contents against being robbed. Examine the fire or house owner or householder policy to see if it includes an additional peril for Impact damage caused by the insured’s vehicle.

Adequately insured.

There is only a RM 400 deductible for impact damage caused by the Insured’s vehicle. The auto gate and brick of the main hall and a portion of the damaged wiring system, door, and lock cost approximately RM50 000 less the Rm 400 deductible; thus, the insured can claim up to RM49 600.


They are entitled to a claim of up to RM10,000, or 50% of the sum insured. On the other hand, Lina’s friend can make a claim for up to RM300,000 for her bodily injury under public liability in the fire or house owner policy.

The householder policy covers items such as a television, sofa set,  decorative items such as a painting, flower vase or table, and a chair. The elderly couple also bought such a policy. Otherwise, they behave as if they are their own insurer.

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how to claim impact damage by insured own car
how to claim impact damage by insured own car
How to claim Impact Damage by Insured own Car