Do you need agent in digital world?

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Do you need agent in digital world?

In this digital internet world, we can find insurance information on the internet with a button. Do you require an insurance agent in the digital age? Many people may believe otherwise. The public painted too many negative images of earlier insurance agents.
I vividly recall a joke during my first year of marketing insurance training.

Our local chief (OCPD) and his deputy are always on duty during office hours. They have no fear of anyone, including the mafia, gangster directors, drug lords, and money launderers.

“Sir, a gentleman named Mr Ricky would like to see you shortly.” He’s making his way up the building.”

“Is he an insurance agent wearing spectacles and a stylish tie?” The OCPD inquired.

“Sir, yes.”

“On My God, tell him I’m not around,” he hurriedly left the office as if a tsunami was about to sweep away his office.

“My boss, Mr Ricky, has left the office and will not return until tomorrow.” Would you like to leave a message?

“Good morning, Mr OCPD; would you like a coffee with me?” Mr Ricky cornered him at the back door.

What is the punchline to this joke?

Do you need agent in digital world?
Do you need agent in digital world?

Do you need agent in digital world?

Agents are only interested in my money.

We often envision those slimy snack oil salesmen from old movies when we think of insurance agents. Initial contact with insurance agents would result in selling as many policies as possible to SUCK YOUR MONEY. They will become an invisible agent until the following year’s renewal date.

The agent is known as the money Face by the general public. However, that agent is here to assist you in selecting the best policy for you. We are not God, and we cannot predict what will happen to our family and ourselves. As in the case of the 2004 tsunami, even though we have cutting-edge technology to monitor daily volcano activity, tragedies still occur.

You may have encountered an agent who is only interested in your money. I apologise on behalf of our industry for their ignorance and selfishness. Agents assist you in making the best decision on a service that you were already planning to purchase. Give agents a chance and interview others to ensure that you get the best deal for yourself.

Do you need agent in digital world?
Do you need agent in digital world?

Do you need agent in digital world?

It is less expensive to buy online or directly from the insurance company.

The commission paid to an agent has no bearing on an insurer’s quote. It won’t matter if you go through an agent or directly to the company. However, purchasing from an insurance agent or broker. May provide you with significant savings that others do not offer.

The insurance agents and insurance brokers are not the same; the public gets them mixed up and confused.

An insurance agent acting on behalf of the insurance company. They follow the strictly the guide rule and regulations. Becoming an insurance agent is very easy; you finish secondary and then sit for the three hours computerised objectives.

Do you need agent in digital world?

In the case of an insurance broker, a pass in all the 12 Chartered papers from the U.K. (Chartered Insurance Institute) associated papers written examination is the essential requirement to qualify as a broker.

They need to obtain a Central Bank license with a no-interest deposit of half a million.

They customised your policy with their quotation without any reference to the insurer. In addition, insert their clause that tailors for your need.

Insurance brokers don’t handle the small or personalised cases, only the mega risk with a completed package. They collect a single premium with a minimum range from five digits to 7 or 8 numbers.

Do you need agent in digital world?

Call the agent and ask for a quote. It saves you time from calling various insurance companies. The only way for you to find out is to get a quote.

Buying direct will allow me to avoid the middleman and save time.

Nobody wants to deal with an intermediary these days. It’s difficult to call an agent for a quote when you don’t know how long it will take.

Request a quote online. You’re getting a lot of questions during your office hours. It disrupts your workflow. Your immediate supervisor will give you a disapproving look. It would be advantageous if you still had an agent for two reasons:

Do you need agent in digital world? 1

Do you need agent in digital world?

1.) The agent will call up the insurers to sort out the best quote from various insurers for you, saving you time by not calling so many insurers. The best time to meet It would be best if you met with the agent after work or in the comfort of your own home.

2.) If problems arise or a claim is filed, the agent can assist you. It saves you time from waiting on hold for long periods and being passed from person to person to get your questions answered.

I don’t need an agent’s advice because I know what I’m doing.

An agent can offer you more than just quotes. Even with all the online research, each individual’s situation requires a personal examination to arrive at a final reasonable decision. They have a comparable home, family size, and vehicle to your next door neighbor but have utterly different insurance requirements.

An agent will assist you in selecting the best plan for you and avoiding unnecessary policies (yes, you can purchase extreme policies).

I, too, worked for an insurer for six years. The insurance industry is constantly changing due to new regulations and rules. As a result, all agents must attend 30 hours of mandatory yearly training to stay updated on the most recent new amendment act. They believe having an agent on-site would benefit the insured.

Do you need agent in digital world?
Do you need agent in digital world?
Do you need agent in digital world?

I believe that all people at least have a car policy; what is the meaning of “all riders” in the car policy? What is the definition of compulsory excess? Have you insured your car on the market or agreed value?

What is the difference between theft or full theft policy, house owner or householder policy, or even fire insurance?

You can deal directly instead of going through an agent, but why not have someone on your side who can help you make the best decisions, save you money, provide you with tools, and is free?

Whether you deal directly with the insurer or an agent, the option is yours.

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