Natural Disasters Claim Tips:

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Natural Disasters Claim Tips:

  • Get it down on paper: Flight cancellation or delayed , you need a written from your airline.
  • Contact your insurer: Check with your insurer for any additional cost for n flight and accommodations.

Keep receipts: You need to keep your original receipts , boarding passes, and credit card statements to claim from your insurer.

  • What Should I Do In An Earthquake?

    The devastating earthquake in Nepal killed and displaced thousands of people. Whilst a huge tremor this size is said to occur only once every hundred years. The catastrophic consequence was due to Nepal’s poorly built infrastructure. Prevention is better than cure, it is unlikely to get caught in an earthquake on holidays. With popular tourist destinations such as Japan, Nepal, and Indonesia all bearing the brunt of sizable earthquakes, it’s important to have the facts and understand all the necessary safety procedures.

Firstly, if you’re travelling to an earthquake-prone region you should buy travel insurance . You need to understand the fine print .  Knowing the emergency phone numbers procedures for the region and keep your passport and photo ID secured with you at all times. It is wise to have a backup plan while living oversea in an earthquake zone area.

Earthquake survival tips:  It is worth to understanding the local safety codes. For instance, with modern infrastructure countries , such as Japan, the best place to hide is under a table in the middle of a room.  On the other hand, in countries like Nepal with structurally unsound buildings, the rule of thumb is to evacuate immediately. Brushing up on the area’s safety procedures can make all the difference when it comes to your security.

Depending on the state of the  disaster area ,it is best to return  home immediately. Safe but stranded due to  cancelled flights and damaged infrastructure, you may incur significant accommodation and travel costs. The insurer will reimburse you  by travel insurance,It ’s advisable to keep any additional expenses to a reasonable minimum and retain your original receipts.

Even if you are a seasoned a traveller, an unpredictable event such as an earthquake can turn your holiday into a nightmare. Don’t forget to purchase a travel insurance and understanding any significant exclusions.  It is the first step in managing a natural disaster.

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