Personal Accident Insurance Self-employed

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Personal Accident Insurance Self-employed


Is it an essential to have personal accident insurance for self-employed.? It is Absolute Yes.

Own Boss

If you are self-employed or running your own business you will be only too aware No work No income. A significant impact to yourself and yours loved in the family while you have prolonged injuries. You are left high and dry without any sources of income to feed you and family members.  Isn’t it a tragedy?

Personal Accident Policy

The personal accident policy gives you a regular income should your absence from work due to an accident. AXA policy has a range of attractive benefits. It operatives 24 hours a day covering accidents that happen at home and at work. The policy pays for up to 104 weeks for the weekly benefit. It covers up to 75% weekly gross income.

 It is good to be you own boss by having a personal accident policy. It is an income replacement should an accident occur. The policy covers 24 hours a day at work and at home, activities like hobbies or sports. Covers all classes of occupations except hazardous.  It is a  worldwide cover including terrorism. The policies can vary considerably, and with restrictions sometimes apply.  Get an independent expert advice.

Accidental Death

If the insured die instantly in an accident, the next of kin of the insured shall receive the full sum insured. However, full payment will pay out if the insured die within 15 days after the accident, There is No payment if death occurs after 15 days of the accident,   Illness or sickness may be the main cause,  not the accident.


The insured may not able to perform the normal duty, either partially or wholly. Again, the claim is paid to insured who cannot work more than 6 months. If the policyholder is physically disabled, either partially or wholly, no claim is payable if the insured is able to work.


The policyholder loses both upper or lower limbs or eyes. He or she is entitled to claim under Accidental Dismemberment. There are certain norms for the payment of the sum insured. For example, if insured loses one hand or one leg, he or she would receive 50% of the sum insured. However, if both hands or one leg are severed, it is a full payment.

Hospitalization Expenses 

The insurer pays all hospitalization expenses due to an accident. Also, there is a daily cash allowance for the duration of hospitalization.

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