Banking Secrets Revealed, Why Pay More?

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Banking Secrets Revealed, Why Pay More?

To those newbies who is buying their first home, please read the Banking secrets revealed, why pay more?

Buying your first ever house is a dream come true for those yuppies. But be aware what the banking secrets revealed, why do you have to pay more during the time when you are not in a fat city. Especially those newly wedded couples with a shoestring budget, coping with the wedding expenses and furnishing their sweet home.

After a numerous viewing.

From one house to another house, finally, you settled with the new a single semi- detached double. Price tagged RM700,000 in a suburban area.  It is 5 kilometers drive from to the town central, your office just a stone away from the MRT.


Armed with all the necessary documents, both the couple goes to their favorite X bank for a 90% margin loan which is duly approval.

Mr. Y, the X bank manager give you the widest sincere smile, cordially invites the couple to his cozy private office.

“Mr. & Mrs.  So and so, it is the bank procedure requirement to buy a fire or house owner policy for your new house, since it is 90% margin loan over the purchase price of RM700,000, thus the sum insured will be RM630,000.00.  Please sign here on the dotted column.” the bank manager advised their client.

” Sure, no problem.” Mr. & Mrs.So politely pen on the dotted line.

” If you have any question about the fire insurance, please don’t hesitate to call me or my staff, I will be happy to serve you at all time” the bank manager affirmed the blissful couple who are on the way to Hawaii for their honeymoon.

Here are the questions for anyone to answer.

Banking Secrets Revealed, Why Pay More?

  1. Can the ground that erected your house can fire it down?
  2. Don’t be naive, who is the housing developer running on charity build the house without any profit?
  3. Do you move into to your new house as where the basis is?
  4. Not spending a fortune to have extensive renovation?

All the answers will unveil soon in my next post.

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