Life insurance claims nursing tutor silences husband

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Love is blind, life insurance claims nursing tutor silences husband perpetually for debt settling, happening in our neighboring a land of smile. Cool-blooded nursing tutor silenced her 6 months, husband, a grisly horror life insurance claim due to extravaganza compulsive buying branded bag and customized designer shoe. It is un unjust society where the murder had scot-free to another nation by bribing the concerned authority, a criminal proof plan. Love at sight meeting for this metrosexual couple at a posh hotel lobby, promptly married within a month. It ended with a most unnoticed traceable tragedy. Devil with an Angel dressing, let us be alert and aware such white- collar culprit.

Love at first sight marriage

King and Queen of the day, after the grand and blissful celebration on a luxury yacht, cruising along the city main river with all colleagues, 14 days overseas honeymoon follow suit, envy by many.

The dust has settled and back to their normal lifestyle. A faithful wife to her husband by night, a diligent nurse at the hospital by day, with her loving and career, minded spouse. She prepared the breakfast and cooking their meal happily together, a good neighbor in their gated community suburban residences. The 29 years old wife loved shopping during the weekend, having a soft spot for bag and shoe with her spouse in tow with bags of victory good. Born with a silver spoon, finally, her flamboyant life bares the true color to her husband, often ending with gruesome quarreling.


Her spouse did not rise up after she finished preparing his breakfast before off to the bank at 7.30 a.m. daily. Lying motionless on the king-side bed, she confirmed that her loving hubby dies of naturally dead at the age of 32, subsequently, not suspicious case, no need for a postmortem.

Exorbitant Claim

Instantly, after the funeral over, she went straight to the insurer filing a claim of her late husband life policy, as she was the main beneficiary. $ 1 million exorbitant sums insured for a young bank manager arose of a doubtful claim as the policy inception date less than a year. The insurer called a team of expert to handle such a huge quantum of claim collaborating with the bank and the insurance agent and a famed pathologist.

Confirmed by the agent the nurse approached him to have a policy on the life of her husband. Over the moon, the agent let her filled up all the proposal form and duly signed by the insured, payment with her own credit card.

I let my hand handle this fraud claim when the insurance company requesting to solve this mysterious claim. In the proposal form for a large inquiry for a lump sum insured, she wrote 8 years of marriage which later by the registrar of marriage clarifying the marriage of 6 months. The forensic document analysis had verified that she fabricated her husband signature.

The final verdict

Cremation of corpse did not deter the finding cyanide toxin from the ash of her late husband by a forensic pathologist. Neighbor provision shop she frequents saying she daily buying fresh cassava leaf to make a drink for her husband in the morning. Coupling the smoking habit like a chimney stressful job as fund manager of a foreign bank, indeed a low torturing poison death to him. The final verdict he died of consuming cassava leaf juice blended with some tobacco leaves accumulates of cyanide toxin in his body.

Compulsive Spender

The insurer checked with the credit card company about the spending behavior revealing a compulsive spender weekly on her bag and shoes amounting $1500 a month. Earning $1200 a month, she indeed grossly overspent, thus there is a saying woman complaining not having enough shoe to wear, never enough filling up her wardrobe.

Knowing that she failed to claim the insurance money, she escaped to other nation by bribing those corrupted officer concerned. A sobbing true story the downfall of prominent foreign Ivy graduated nursing tutor and a young innocent bank manager had gone forever due to the compulsive buying behavior.

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